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Surenos Mod
Changes Aztecas gang into 7 new Sureno gang member
Information Files
Author: BlooDsTainD
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.2
Status: Complete
Started on: 05 Jul 2008
Last Updated: 07 Jul 2008
Views: 36010
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.45455 (11 votes)
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This mod replaces the San Fierro Rifa & Varios Los Aztecas models aswell as HFYST, with Los Angeles Sureno gang members. It makes them all spawn as 1 gang in El Corona (Or any place the Aztecas control in the turf map).


Models and skins by BlooDsTainD AKA "Joey_Cortez"

Body of sfr2 rigged and modeled by Artur$MD

The files named peds.ide are and pedgrp.dat go inside the data folder in the San Andreas root directory. This makes the SFR and HFYST spawn as azteca gang members, totalling 7 surenos instead of 3
pressmold commented over 7 years ago:
Everytime when I go to San Fierro (where the Rifa normally hangout), the game crashes
povke commented over 8 years ago:
EseAngel commented over 9 years ago:
hey i used the imgtool to put in the files but it didnt change anything in the game the vagos and aztecas are still the same. do i put it in the gta3.img or somewhere else?
xGameModderx commented over 9 years ago:
@jayjay9757 its easy just use imgtool to replace the files :)
jayjay9757 commented over 9 years ago:
The guy in the black hoodie, what gang is he apart of? and what number is he? :wtf:
jayjay9757 commented over 9 years ago:
How do you install it? Can you tell me step by step? :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
princesiva commented over 10 years ago:
lol, but the san fierro rifa must be nortenos ! u cant mix them in surenos. if you want another set of surenos, then you should replace vagos instead of rifa ! then it will look more realistic.
princesiva commented over 10 years ago:
wow ! nice mod ! 5/5. And nice chick too.
DODI3OG commented over 11 years ago:
dude i have a mod named gangsta mod and i will upload it today but the problem is your mod is used in that mod too. can i upload it?
GATOx213 commented over 11 years ago:
Can i use this mod to replace grove street?
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