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Lowrider Mod
The mod enables more vehicles to have lowrider status
Information Files
Author: Digital Animal
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.2b
Status: Complete
Started on: 30 Jul 2005
Last Updated: 15 Sep 2005
Views: 77382
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.55556 (9 votes)
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The mod enables more vehicles to have lowrider status. In addition to that any of the mods that were available to these added vehicles may be now be purchased from Loco Low Co.

The hydraulics work just like they do for the games default lowriders. You are also able enter the lowerider events with them after you equip a vehicle with them.

I highly suggest trying out the romero hurst as a lowrider... have fun with it.

Default lowrider list:
Modifiable at: Loco Low Co.

- Blade
- Broadway
- Remington
- Savanna
- Slamvan
- Tornado
- Voodoo
- Tahoma

Added Cars:
Now Modifiable at: Loco Low Co.
Note - This includes any mods they could have gotten at other shops

- Bloodring Banger
- bob cat
- Buccaneer
- Burrito
- Cabbie
- Clover
- Esperanto
- Glendale
- Hermes
- hustler
- Oceanic
- Perenniel
- Picador
- Regina
- Romero
- Sabre
- sadler
- Stafford
- Tampa
- Virgo
- Washington
- walton

Just for sh*ts and giggles
Hotknife - added nitro
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fatur-_- commented over 11 years ago:
:devil: :devil: :rampage: more cars ok :blink: :die: :catspider:
nermin7 commented over 13 years ago:
are there any new modifications for a car :)
Megadude EXE commented over 14 years ago:
are you gonna do a wheelarch agnels version too where you can add more cars?
Digital Animal commented over 18 years ago:
I am looking to further this mod by user submissions. If you want to help improve this mod please submit them with instructions on how to make them work in the game along with how you wish to be listed for the submission (i.e name or handle). I will give full credit to any used submissions in the readme.txt file and in the description listed above for any submissions that get used.

See post for things that I'm looking for:
Gta forum post

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I just put up an update so that the custom wheels for the added vehicles are now available from the garage. This also adds in the Tampa car which I missed in the last version.

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