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San Andreas Handling Editor
edits handling.cfg
Information Files
Author: !cMc! Jacob
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 11 Jun 2005
Last Updated: 09 Jan 2011
Views: 389717
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.55173 (29 votes)
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SA Handling.cfg editor
laimis59 commented over 10 years ago:
do like me c:program filesRockstar gamesGta san andreasdatahandling.cfg have fun with drifting :) :p :p
Mohd Azylee commented over 10 years ago:
Hi. Im New Guy At GTAgarage... it not work... my gta located at D:program FilesGta San Andreas Cleo 4 i cpy it but... still not working... help! :) :) :)
MiniGunzzz commented over 11 years ago:
Hello every1.If you have any issues just keep reading. So i had the same prob. I couldn't find the handling.cfg file. It give me the error about 5 times, but i find the location. It's C:program Files (x86)Rockstar GamesGTA San Andreasdatahandling.cfg :alien: [color=Red]
mhf4496 commented over 12 years ago:
How to use ? :(
Martinleemet123 commented over 12 years ago:
Very nice tool i like that.No problems right now. :cookie:
Flarfignewton commented over 12 years ago:
i had the same bug and now whenever i put the backed up and not modded handling.cfg it stays the same. i even went as far as redownloading the game and no change.
mustang_glend commented over 13 years ago:
Retard may be your father you doughebag -.-
Phoenix4646 commented over 13 years ago:
The editor is okay, but there are many things that annoy me: 1. Calling me a retard if I spelled something wrong. NO ONE should ever do something like this. Honestly, who you think you are? 2. Same with the loading. Crappy computer? Omfg. 3. Typing in the path over and over again. Why didn't you include a browse-function? :sly: Agreeing with giantfood.
giantfood commented over 13 years ago:
I think i found the issue with this mod, I am not certain but i believe that this mod is for 32 bit windows systems, im running 64 bit windows 7 so game path is C:program Files (x86)Rockstar GamesGTA San Andreas instead of C:program FilesRockstar GamesGTA San Andreas. so this guy needs to update the mod to run with this, if not, then it is he who has the crappy computer not us.
el555 commented over 13 years ago:
Just copy this C:program FilesRockstar GamesGTA San Andreasdatahandling.cfg :bbq:
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