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Driver Mod
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Author: /Pavel/
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.22
Status: Complete
Started on: 27 Jul 2005
Last Updated: 29 Dec 2005
Views: 227766
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.5873 (63 votes)
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(Please read ReadMe, to get a datail information about the mod)

Car Driver

You can use the car driver for two things:

a) Run-around LS, SF and LV - If you are on foot in one of the three cities (Los Santos, San Fierro or Las Venturas) press key-combination Group CTRL Forward and Conversation - Yes and the driver will drive to you. You can choose a car to drive in. There are eleven cars and one bike for you to choose. While you are close to the car press Crouch to enter it. To choose the location press Horn key. There are nine locations in each town to choose.

b) Circle around San Andreas - Stand in a sphere that is located in front of a phone booth and pres Action key. First sphere is located at CJ's house, second at Cj's SF Garage and the last one in Las Venturas, near one of the hotel suite that can be purchased. And again while you are close to the car press Crouch key to enter it. To begin the journey press Horn key. The driver will take you from Los Santos, through Angel Pine, to San Fierro, then to Los Venturas and finaly back to Los Santos to CJ's house. Other two islands are of course unlocked so that you can enjoy the ride without police chasing you for no reason.

Applies to both:

During the ride you can press Handbrake key to tell the driver to stop. Do the same thing as in the beginning to resume the journey. If you jump out of the car during the ride, the car will stop and will wait until you get back in using the same keys as before. To increase the car's max speed press Conversation - Yes and to lower it press Conversation - No. Also during the ride you can press Secondary Fire key to put Cj on the car's window so that you can do a drive-by. To put Cj back in the car press Secondary Fire key again. During the ride press Sub-mission key to call a backup car that will follow you and protect you from enemies. The car is bullet-proof, but it can be destroyed with a rocket launcher.

Heli Driver

The Heli driver can be called from anywhere, at any time, while you are on foot by pressing key-combination Action key and Conversation - Yes. Pilot will fly to the location you called from and land there. To get in the heli use the same keys as at the Car driver. After pressing the Horn key an in-game menu with a list of location will pop-up, choose a location with Sprint key or press Enter+Exit key to close the menu and get out. Then use the same keys to get in. Together there are 30 locations for you to choose, 10 on each island. After you choose a location the heli will fly and land there, then you can either get out and come back in using the same keys or choose another location. You can choose another location at any time during the flight. If you jump off the heli it will fly away from you. Now you have to call another heli driver.

You can also fire from the chopper. You can either access a turret mode (first-person shooting) by pressing Secondary key button or get out of the chopper and stand on a base, that have been attached to chopper by pressing Conversation - No key that way, you can do the shooting in third-person. To get back in or to disable turret mode press Conversation - Yes key. Before accessing turret mode, a menu will pop-up, so that you can choose a weapon you want to fire with. Also now you can order driver to wait by pressing and holding Handbrake key if you are in the chopper, or Sprint key if you are standing outside. The heli is bullet-proof, with two guards standing from both sides that will protect you from police or non-friendly gangs. You can even order them to follow you like with the regular family gang members if you have enough respect points.

Since, there have been some problems after saving/loading, you cannot save until you dismiss the driver. To dismiss the car driver press key-combination Group CTRL Forward and Conversation - No. Heli Driver can be dismissed by pressing key-combination Action key and Conversation - No.

Private Jet

Near every airport gate is a phone booth, with a sphere in front of it. Here you can buy a ticket for a private jet for 1000$ by standing in a sphere and pressing Action key. Choose one of two city airports and the flight will start. When the plane lands a car driver with a limo will be waiting for you, so when the flight ends, he will drive the car to the airport exit, choose a location in that city and he will take you there.

Advanced Packer Mod

You can attach cars to packer so that they don't fall off. Park a car on packer's back, press key-combination Horn key and Handbrake key and it should do the trick. To detach that car press that key-combination again or press Sub-Mission key if you are inside the Packer the car is attached to.

Passenger Mod

You can enter any unlocked car like a passenger by approaching a car and pressing key-combination Action key and Sprint key. If you are in front passenger seat you can press Handbrake key to move to driver seat. You can also do a drive-by while in that car the same way as at car driver.

Trailer Mod

If a trailer is connected to a truck (Linerunner, Petrol Tanker or Roadtrain) you can disconnect it while in a truck by pressing Sub-mission key.

Sky Crane Mod

While flying Leviathan you can press Sub-mission key to engage helicopter winch (magnet). Now you can attach any car to it, but since some cars cannot be lifted properly press Horn key any time you need a greater thrust.

Upgraded Ammu-Nation

All weapons in Ammu-Nation are available to buy from beginning plus FLAME THROWER, ROCKET LAUNCHER, HEAT SEEKING ROCKET LAUNCHER and finally a MINIGUN.

Car exports/imports

Car exports and imports are unlocked from the beginning, plus a bridge was added that is connecting Easter Bay Airport and container ship so that you can export/import car more easily.

Weapon/Armour/Health/Bribe/Car Pickups (Thanks to brotherbozar)

Armour, weapons, etc. pickups have been added to every safehouse and some car spawns at some interesting locations.
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Annihilationzh commented over 4 years ago:
For anyone reading this, you can now get most of the features of this mod with CLEO scripts. I've made a Chauffeur that handles the car driver, passenger and driveby features and it covers more of the map than this one.
Shadows43 commented over 5 years ago:
 QUOTE (manda10 @ 08:12, 05 Apr 2012)
Is there any way to get it to work with 100% save files? and is there a CLEO version?
CAN YOU READ? it says START NEW GAME ONLY!! the reason for this is the Main.scm has been changed and none of your save game data isnt of this main.scm so of course its going to crash and dont say its bad cuz you cant read/ :cool:
Shadows43 commented over 5 years ago:
 QUOTE (mods4ever @ 15:43, 29 Aug 2005)
Is this mod for the PC and PS2??
FOR f*ck sake people you cant f*cking mod Gta on Xbox or Ps2 or any gaming console. PC ok PC thats it so please stop f*cking asking like uhh is this for ps2?/ps3 or how do i put this on ps3? have it straight mods DONT go on gaming consoles ONLY PC
Shadows43 commented over 5 years ago:
Could someone please give me a download link for 1.3 ? all the links on the thread dont work, either there missing or the zip file is damaged or unknown format, please this mod is really cool! :colgate:
GGBT commented over 6 years ago:
Very Very Please upload Driver mod 1.3 All download links delete... :( :( Please upload Very Thanks
Daexporter commented over 9 years ago:
I ask you to please do something about the Just Business mission error [i.e. Big Smoke not moving, thus the mission will not continue] I love the mod, but this has got to be fixed. :sui:
_xXNinjaxX_ commented over 9 years ago:
Ok, From What I Have Heard, This Mod Is Total BULLsh*t :(. However, If Anyone Has A WORKING Link To The Latest Version of This Mod, I Would Be VERY VERY APPRECIATIVE :lol: ! Thanks In Advance - _xXNinjaxX_ <img src=h34r:" />
Gambit_0070 commented over 9 years ago:
[size=7]Heeyy , I played this mod from a New Game , and game is hanged on JUST BUISNESS mission . BIG SMOKE is not moving from its place i.e Museum ... pllss heellpp
manda10 commented over 9 years ago:
Is there any way to get it to work with 100% save files? and is there a CLEO version?
joniesay commented over 9 years ago:
CRASHES !! :devil: BAD MOD :die: 1/5 :sui: :rampage: :rampage: :rampage:
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