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Repair GTA
universal multi GTA backup/repair tool
Information Files
Author: Voodooman
Works with: GTA GTA2 GTAIII GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.5
Status: Complete
Started on: 20 Dec 2007
Last Updated: 26 May 2008
Views: 245455
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.00001 (24 votes)
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Repair GTA by Voodooman is back !

Version: 1.5 rc1

Language: English and Russian

You can also download Repair GTA at my website

What's it?
Its a simple, good looking, universal and configurable backup and restore tool for GTA series.
Note: You can use tool with any game or software that you like to, just dont forget 2 put all Repair GTA
files into game root folder, then just edit ini files (its really simple, all you need 2 know you can read
in comments inside INI files).
You can also tweak compression type if you like to, read Rar.txt for additional information.
But some of you guys knew it before, it was released back in 2004 at codenamevice and codenamegta3
with as series of extra skinpatches to suit GTA3 or GTA VC visual style. Also it was in list of TOOLs in some
pined topic here, but link was pointing to my old site that not exist 3 years... and last thing - there so many
peoples who didnt though that this tool is compatible with GTA SAN ANDREAS... so its reason why it was forgotten.

Now in end of 2007 year while we all waiting GTA 4 i refreshed my old tool and now its "GTA 4 Ready" so
Repair GTA 1.5 actually is the first tool for gta iv (gta4) (as well as for any other game).
Yep GTA 4 isnt released, and we dont know filedirectory structure (possibly similar 2 table tennis)
but when it will be released you will need just spend 1 minute 2 edit INI file and tool will work in gta 4.

-All settings now stored inside external config *.ini files, nothing hardcoded anymore,
 so you can use now "Repair GTA" with any game.
-Interface Redesigned
-Added new Rar archivation module with greatly improved performance (packingunpacking speed)
-Added Russian translation.

Note: You must have Visual Basic 6 runtime installed, otherwise program may not work!
 You can download VB6 runtime for FREE from Microsoft WebSite! Necessary dll file included,
 also you possibly may have VB6 runtime already installed.
-Just copy all files into root of your game, each game should have separate copy of Repair GTA installed
 in root folder of game (for example C:Program filesRockstar gamesGTA 3)

-Just run RepairGTA.exe from game folder, you will c simple instructions rite in program.
-You can edit backuplist.ini before backup procedure, to add or remove some filefolders into backup,
 by default everything in folders MODELS, TEXT, DATA, TXD will be included in backup (if folder not exist
 it will be ignored but other foldersfiles from list will be packed)
-you can tweak compression settings in rar.ini file, for additional help read RAR.txt (included)

If you wish to publish this tool at your site please read the readme.
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Star7Jo commented over 9 years ago:
:rampage: Trojan Horse detected!!
Voodooman commented over 9 years ago:
 QUOTE (RyderIsHistory @ 09:55, 29 Jun 2013)
is there any anims folder?? pls reply :rah: :r*: :rah: :r*:
you can add anim folder to ini, and you can add any folder you want, or a filetype by mask like *.txt (nor recursive, i think).
Voodooman commented over 9 years ago:
There is no virus, its called "FALSE POSITIVE", tool exe just modified and packed, because when i was younger i was thinking its "COOL" to pack and encrypt exes and mod them to obfuscate packers, so no other kids around could hex edit or reverse and change my copyrights, and just to show how much of Win32 PE h4x0r' i am :-) Virus makers doing same thing with exe files, modding them and obfuscating. When antivirus detects such kind of exe modification it suspect exe file to be possibly a virus, but its not, im simply using same techniques to protect code from hacking, well... used many years ago. Thinking of how old it is, and that it was coded in VB6 with some fancy activeX for nice buttons (which was enabled in never published version 1.6), i think that i need to do a better 2.0 version without any VB and with some advanced features.
4d4m1 commented over 10 years ago:
Virus? no thanks :furious:
GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM commented over 10 years ago:
This Mod is not only the Best repair tool, it is also a Life Saver! :inlove: I accidently Rated 4 stars instead of 5! :turn:
r09867 commented over 10 years ago:
the virus is caused by rusian repair gta ;)
Darksonic14 commented over 10 years ago:
:die: :rampage: :furious: wont work it fix my gta but when i enter in any car/bikes my gta crash bitch
RyderIsHistory commented over 10 years ago:
is there any anims folder?? pls reply :rah: :r*: :rah: :r*:
Justin Fischer commented over 11 years ago:
It has an error, Sorry.
redlad commented over 12 years ago:
The Voodoo repair tool is a classic. been using it to mod back as far as when the original one came out
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File uploaded v1.6 coming soon
U can download now RepairGTA v1.5 here at GTAgarage.
RepairGTA v1.6 coming soon.

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