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San Andreas PC Plus 27 Trainer
made by Pizzadox
Information Files
Author: Pizzadox
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: Plus 27
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 10 Jun 2005
Last Updated: 13 Feb 2009
Views: 217633
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.79999 (25 votes)
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PLUS 27 TRAINER *REPACK* (C) PiZZADOX

 Release Date ... : 06-10-05 Disks ... : 01 x 5.00mb
 Release Type ... : Trainer Options ... : Plus 27

 R e l e a s e N o t e s
 Repack Info: The original release of the trainer had problems with the
 infinite run and infinite breath options, they caused a glitch when
 landing cars in the water. This has been fixed, and we have added some
 more options for you to enjoy.

 Unzip/Unrar trainer into your game directory, then start trainer with
 "pztrain.exe". Start the game using the launch button. During gameplay
 toggle trainer options by pressing the following key combinations:

 Hotkey Option
 F6 Toggle Infinite Health
 F7 Toggle Infinite Armor
 F8 Toggle Infinite Ammo
 F9 Toggle Infinite Run
 F10 Toggle Infinite Breath
 Shift+F6 Toggle Infinite Nitrous
 F11 Increase Money
 3 No Wanted Level
 5 Max Wanted Level
 6 Toggle One Hit Kill
 7 Toggle Bulletproof Vehicles
 8 Toggle One Hit Exploding Vehicles
 9 Toggle Freeze Mission Timer
 0 Toggle Freeze Game Clock
 Shift+3 Get Maximum Muscle
 Shift+5 Get Maximum Stamina
 Shift+6 Toggle Max/Min Fat
 Shift+7 Get Maximum Respect
 Shift+8 Get Maximum Gambling Skill
 Shift+9 Get Hitman Level on All Weapons
 Shift+0 Get 100% Completion
 Shift+F7 Get Maximum Lung Capacity
 Shift+F8 Get Maximum Bike/Driving/Cycling/Flying Skill
 Shift+F9 Get 100 Tags
 Shift+F10 Get 50 Oysters
 Shift+F11 Get 50 Snapshots
 Shift+Del Get 50 Horseshoes
 F12 Toggle In-Game Menu*


 Infinite Health:
 You will still die if your car gets blown up, and you can still get
 busted if a cop knocks you over.

 Infinite Nitrous:
 This will give you infinite shots and burn time in cars equipped
 with nitro. To stop the burn, just get out of the car and back in.

 No/Max Wanted Level:
 You may need to shoot a gun and/or press the hotkey twice for these
 to activate.

 Bulletproof Vehicles:
 This affects all vehicles. Your vehicle might still get visibly
 damaged, ie. punctured tires/dents, but it will not explode unless
 it flips upside down. This overrides one hit exploding vehicles.

 One Hit Exploding Vehicles:
 Any vehicle will explode in one hit, including yours! Useful for
 rampages . This overrides bulletproof vehicles.

 Freeze Game Clock:
 This will cause the weather/sky to screw up some, the glitches
 won't affect your gameplay any though.

 Get Hitman Level on All Weapons:
 Maxes out your skill level on every gun, you can dual wield a few
 of them too.

 Maximum Completion:
 This makes the game think you've beaten it, you get a rhino and
 a jet at CJ's house.

 Get 100 Tags:
 This gets you respect and an AK-47, Tec-9, Sawn-Off Shotgun &
 Molotov Cocktails at the Johnson House.

 Get 50 Oysters:
 This gives you higher lung capacity and sex appeal. Girlfriends
 will also always want you back.

 Get 50 Snapshots:
 This gives you a Sniper Rifle, Micro SMG, Shotgun and Grenades at
 the San Fierro garage.

 Get 50 Horseshoes:
 This increases your gambling skill and luck and gives you a Combat
 Shotgun, M4, MP5 and Satchel Charges at your Las Venturas casino.

 In-Game Menu:
 You must place the trainer in the same directory as GTA_SA.exe and
 launch the game from the trainer for the in-game menu to work. It
 may not work on older video cards such as the geforce2mx, the
 trainer will still function normally without the menu though.
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