GTA: 007
Sandbox 007 game based in the state of San Andreas
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Author: K.I.T.T. No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 27 Aug 2007
Last Updated: 13 Feb 2009
Views: 63255
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (15 votes)
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From 1962 to 2007, the James Bond movies have made a huge impact on audiences around the world. Now, using one of todays biggest games, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, we are in the planning and early development stages of a fantastic 007 mod. Planned Features include:

Golden Gun
Wrist-Dart gun
Moonraker Laser
Beretta Model 1934
Night Vision and Infared Glasses
AR-7 Sniper Rifle
Walther WA2000 Sniper Rifle
Walther P99
Silenced Walther PPK
Walther PPK

Atache Case - Hidden Knife and Sniper Rifle
Homing beacons
Jet pack
Safe cracker
Spy-camera imprinted with 007
Credit Card with an electronic ability to open locks.
SNOOPER - A small, animal-like remote controlled camera unit that can transmit audio/video from the head of the unit to a receptacle for the signal
Attaché case 2 - Contains a false bottom which conceals a high explosive bomb.
Philips Keychain - Contains capsule of stun gas and a lockpick
Ghetto Blaster
Dentonite Toothpaste - The receiver that picks up the signal from Bond to blow the explosives is disguised as a packet of cigarettes
Pen Grenade
Digital Binoculars
Wheelchair and Leg Cast missile
Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone with a stun gun, a fingerprint scanner/analyzer/transmitter and a remote control for the BMW 750iL
Glass-Shattering Ring
Seiko Wristw@ch - Contains a remote detonator and explosive charge and fuse contained inside the back compartment
Omega Seamaster Pro Wristw@ch - remote detonator
Wristw@ch - Contains a Grappling hook with fifty feet of high-tensile micro-filament
Night Vision and Infared Glasses


Aston Martin DB5
- Revolving License Plate
- Front firing machine guns
- Retractable blades in the tire spinners
- Rising bullet-proof rear screen
- Passenger ejector seat
- Oil slick spray from rear light cluster
- Caltrops from rear light cluster
- Smoke screen
- Front and rear extending rams
- Rear water cannon

Little Nellie
- Machine Guns
- Rockets
- Rear flame launcher

Aston Martin DBS (OHMSS)

- Motor
- Hovercraft Function

Lotus Esprit S1
- Surface-to-air missiles
- Rear-firing adhesive sprayers
- Smoke Screen
- Mines
- Harpoons (May replace with guns)
- Submarine Conversion

Lotus Esprit Turbo
- Self Destruct Burglar Alarm

- Machine Gun

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante/Coupe
- Ice tyres
- Jet engine behind rear number plate
- Retractable outriggers
- Heat-seeking missiles
- Lasers in front wheel hubcaps
- Bulletproof windows and armour
- Fireproof body
- Self-destruct system
- Hubcap Lasers

- Self-destruct system
- Stinger missiles behind the headlights
- Machine Guns
- Parachute Brakes
- Rear Grenade Launcher
- Ejector Seat

BMW 750iL
- RC Mode with Mobile Phone
- Bulletproof windows and armour
- Rockets mounted in sunroof
- Self-sealing and re-inflating tires
- Tear gas sprayers
- Caltrops that drop from the bumper

BMW R1200

- Stinger missiles
- Front mounted machine guns
- RC Mode with Keychain
- Bulletproof armour and windscreen

Q Boat
- Missiles
- Heat Seeking Missiles
- Machine Gun
- Ejector Seat
- Dive Mode

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
- Front-firing rockets
- Hood-mounted target-seeking guns
- Spike-producing tires
- Passenger ejector seat
- Adaptive camouflage
- Remote Control Keys
- Bulletproof armour and windows
- Machine guns
- May include sub-conversion from Nightfire

Jaguar XKR
- Gatling gun
- Thermal imaging
- Mortar bombs
- Rockets under the front grille
- Miniature missiles hidden in the door
- Front ramming spikes

Porsche Cayenne Turbo
- Missiles
- Machine guns
- Adaptive camouflage

Help Wanted

 * Vehicle modeler
 * Weapon modeler
 * Character modeler
 * Mapper
 * Coder


 * Leader: K.I.T.T.
 * Coder: DeLorean88US
 * Vehicle Modeler: Wired
 * Mapper: aboodilatif
 * Modeler/Skinner: kotton
 * Sound editor: Grafton
 * Web design/Media: Fall Of Darkness

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