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Author: Uluru
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.1
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 10 Jun 2005
Last Updated: 27 Mar 2009
Views: 229233
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.93333 (30 votes)
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This app lets you change what cars you have parked in your garages, their colors, whether they are damage proof and it also lets you lock them so that everytime you open the garage the cars will be waiting for you.

This updated version edits garages in all three cities, including the Verdant Meadows airplane hanger.

THIS MOD IS NOT A VIRUS, though your antivirus may correctly detect that it hacks code. It DOES hack code, but only the code of San Andreas. -GTAG Admin
LordXayd commented over 10 years ago:
I'm looking for a garage mod that will allow me to save my customized cars in whichever garage, such that I can pull one, dump it somewhere and it will re-appear in the garage. If I'm looking at this tool right, it appears to save via respawn vanilla cars in the garages it supports, which appears to be: Johnson House, El Corona, Santa Maria. I see no other garages supported by this 0.1 version, which is odd considering the description claims to support all garages including the hangar. I did find 0.2 version elsewhere on the web that appears to support all of Los Santos and San Fiero, though not Las Venturas. There's also a 1.0 version in many different places on the web, but every copy I downloaded is infected with the "pws-ldpinch!bq" trojan (which steals passwords). So I can't tell if there is really was a 1.0 version, or that's just some fake that someone created. This 0.1 version is not infected, just for clarity. I was just wondering if anyone knew if the 1.0 really is real. Anyway, I'm thinking this tool is not what I'm looking for, that it's just a permanent car spawner, not a save-your-customized-car retainer.
ror commented over 12 years ago:
:( :( :( when i go to garage game chrashes :( :( P.S. sorry for bad english
RoyalGold commented over 13 years ago:
Thank Q... have a cookie :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
Anojan25 commented over 13 years ago:
Thanx man! Works real great! Its faster than I'd expect! Have a cookie (just incase your cookie jar is full) :cookie: :xmas:
gheorgheM commented over 13 years ago:
for some reason my game crashes whenever i use it... :/ :sui: :cry:
DeadlyCJ commented over 13 years ago:
Works Great :r*:
oomo commented over 16 years ago:
this is nice!
Suction Testicle Man commented over 16 years ago:
There still isn't anything wrong with the download - please try an alternative program to extract the RAR file.
epilburus commented over 16 years ago:
Something's wrong with the RAR file. I can't extract it:(
Suction Testicle Man commented over 16 years ago:
There is nothing wrong with the file, download WinRAR.
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