Clean GTA SA
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Author: Icester No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v0.1
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 12 Aug 2007
Last Updated: 12 Aug 2007
Views: 105505
Type: Created from scratch
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Clean GTA SA v0.1

What it is:
Clean GTA_SA most of the PG+ rated content from GTA San Andreas,
removes missions, and makes the San Adreas world fully explorable
(no more city restrictions).
In short, the goal of Clean GTA SA is to make GTA SA safe for
children so that children can have a fun time driving the cars
and exploring such a wonderfully, fully interactive virtual

This is VERY beta so requires a bit of manual intervention
(but it is not difficult at all).


1) Copy the following folders to your GTA SA installation folder,
 overwriting the original files:

2) Edit Remove_Speech.bat
 a) Change the 5th and 6th lines to reflect your setup.

 set TEMP_PATH=D:temp

 NOTE: If your paths contain spaces, be sure to use quotation
 marks. For example:

 set TEMP_PATH="D:path with spacesmypath"

 b) Run it. Be prepared to take a long coffee break. It will
 take about 20 minutes to rebuilt the audio files.

Version History:
0.1 : Initial release

modelsparticle.txd : No more blood pools on the ground.
datamelee.dat : Combat damage set to 0
datapeds.ide : Pedestrians have been changed to no drugs,
 no prostitutes, and scantily clad women
 changed to better-dressed women.
dataPEDSTATS.DAT : Sexiness turned down on pedestrians
datapopcycle.dat : Population cycles changed so that drug
 dealers no longer exist
datashopping.dat : Weapons no longer sold in the stores.
dataweapon.dat : Weapon damages set to 0
datascriptmain.scm : Stripped main script (ie. no missions).

These next two are changed using a batch file script and the
SAAT (San Adreas Audio Toolkit) v1.10 available at

audioPAIN_A : All of CJ's pain explamations no longer
 contain profanity.
audioSPC_PA : CJ is now silent.
audioSPC_GA : Pedestrians are silent.
audioSPC_EA : Emergency responses (helicopter, EMT,
 FBI, Army, etc) are now silent.

Although this is a pretty minor mod, it makes a huge difference.
No more prostitutes or drug dealers roaming the streets. There
are very few or no gangs also so the people seem more "normal".

To do:
- Check the enterable buildings and make sure the strip clubs and
 sex store are gone. I would like to change these to the dance
 game via main.scm. Any help would be much appreciated.
- Change inappropriate billboard and advertisement textures.
- Instead of removing voices, edit or swap files to remove
 profanity. (Note: There are over 35, 000 files that must be
 examined, so this is a monumental effort! )
 This has been done for PAIN_A and I have checked out the first 3
 banks of SPC_PA, but there are still 17 banks of CJ's sounds and
 over 200 banks of general actors sounds, and 46 banks of
 emergency sounds.
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