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Sakil's Mega HD
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Author: toufiq No Screenshots Available Yet
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Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: III
Status: Complete
Started on: 29 Aug 2021
Last Updated: 29 Aug 2021
Views: 1109
Type: Conversion
Rating: 2.5 (0 votes)
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(installation process) :

just extract all files & folder in your fresh game directory

(list of script & plugin) :

*new bridge connect with all island
*breakable road-block of tunnel & bridge
*hd new tree
*hd new road
*hd new particle
*hd xbox wheel
*hd rage version vehicle
*hd menu mod
*hd hud mod
*new data
*new movies
*airbreak car & foot mod
*swimming mod
*unlimited all weapon mod
*sprint with heavy weapons mod
*drop weapon mod
*cover mod
*heli height & dodo flying fix mod
*map card in game mod
*weapon aim fix mod
*passenger in train mod
*money sh*t mod
*car control mod
*dodo cheat
*access joeys garage door
*remote detonator on/off mod
*dodo jump camera fix
*car immune
*wanted level clear mod
*infinite life
*fly camera mod
*open locked car mod
*armour, health & money cheat mod
*all vehicle spawner mod
*weather changer mod
*infinite sprint
*complete mission loader mod
*hidden package spawner mod
*quick save mod from any where
*buy back weapon mod after wasted
*free camera & time changer mod
*radio for all vehicle mod
*2dfx update lampost light glow mod
*exclusive bang mod
*walk & manual aim
*jump & fly cheat mod
*mission time stopper mod
*high traffic density mod
*high depth 2dfx project & world better look mod
*widescreen fix & hd graphics mod
*breakable windshield mod
*destroyable airtrain
*debugmenu & debug asi mod in game
*portable save game user files in game directoty
*frame rate fix 60 fps
*windowed mod
*silent patch fix with ps2 feature
*classic axis like gta sa vehicle camera, walk & manual aim mod
*ps2 loadscreen
*simple screenshot plugin mod
*sky gfx with ps2, mobile & pc graphics mod
*sharptrails with hd graphics & pixel shader

(key point):

[Airbreak] : Enable by pressing (Z+X) control (W A S D) & (I J L M)
disable by (Enter) use (0/9) key for teleport...

[Complete Mission loader] : Enable by pressing (Tab+Space) &
cycle through (Mmb) select number of desire mission.enter mission
(Lmb) & cancelling mission (Rmb) key...

[All Weapon] : Enable & disable by pressing (W+1) key to get unlimited ammo...

[Weather Control] : Enable by pressing (7) key & cycle through various weather...

[Swimming] : Control by (W) & fast swimming (W+Lshift) key...

[Hidden Pack Spawner] : Enable by pressing (T+P) key to spawn hidden package...

[Jump & Fly] : Enable & Disable by typing (Jump and fly)...

[Not Amazing Screenshot] : Press (Alt+V) to make camera free & cycle through mouse wheel to change time...

[Exclusive Bang] :Type (BIGBANG) to destroy all car except your car that you are currently in...

[Quick Save] : Press (F5) key to save game instantly from any place...

[Easy Car Spawner] : Enable by (F4) & use (Arrow) nevigate between car list
then select by (Enter) for exiting press (Back space) key...

[Buy Back] : press (Ctrl or 0) key for buy back your weapon...

[Freeze Timer] : Enable & disable by typing (Timer) to stop time in mission...

[Dodo cheat] :Type (DUCKFLY) to get dodo plane...

[Walk & Manual aim] : Enable by pressing (Alt + W) to walk...

[Classic axis] :By rotatting mouse you can twist camara when you are in vehicle...

[Simple Screenshot] : Press (Print Screen) key to take screenshot...

[Windowed Mod] : press [Alt + Enter] to activate & deactivate windowed mod [Shift + Enter] to activate with border menu
[Ctrl + Enter] to activate borderless going to game menu you can activate mouse cursor & resize game window...

[Debug Menu] : press [Ctrl+ M] to activate & deactivate Debug Menu &
modify some feature of sky gfx & silent patch in running game...

[drop weapon] : press [shift+x] to drop weapon...

[cover mod] : press [Q] to cover & [E] to uncover...

[map card in game] : press [Tab], [Tab+1], [Tab+2] to see full map & essential icons...

[fly camera mod] : press [B+8] to activate, [B+9] to activate & move by using [W+mouse]...

[open locked car mod] : press [H] then [Enter] to unlock car...

[armour, health & money cheat] : type [HESOYAM] to get armour, health & money like gta sa...

[money sh*t mod] : press [6] to spawn money package...

[wanted level clear] : press [>] to clear wanted level...

[car control mod] : press [1] to on/off car alarm, press [2] alternate camera mod,
press [3] to on/off engine, press [4] to on/off taxi light, press [5] to on/off color protection, press [0] to lock/unloack car doors...

[remote detonator on/off mod] : type [REM] to on remote detonator & type [REM] to off remote detonator mod ...

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