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LCS Mobile - Endless Stories Mod
by HippieCommunist
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Author: HippieCommunist2021 No Screenshots Available Yet
No Download: Mod Not Complete
Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: Android2.4
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 17 Jul 2021
Last Updated: 04 Aug 2021
Views: 1354
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 2.5 (0 votes)
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Endless Stories Mod 0.12 - by HippieCommunist

This is a simple sandbox mod that opens up almost everything from the start and adds some new features

*Buyable safehouses:
-Staunton Island safehouse can be bought for $150K - unlocks Stauton Island missions (except Toshiko missions)
-Shoreside Vale safehouse can be bought for $300K - unlocks Shoreside Vale missions and Toshiko missions
+also adds a new gun shop in Shoreside Vale at the garages near the police station
-Pay rent per day for each safehouse:
$50/day Portland
$150/day Staunton Island
$300/day Shoreside Vale
(Overall $500 per day once you have all the safehouses)

*Repeatable Missions - enter marker to start missions, if you fail, mission will progress to the next one in line for that mission giver
-Completing "No Son of Mine" mission will trigger ma's assassins
+You wont be notified when they come anymore and they will use more weapons
-Completing "Big Rumble in Little China" mission will stop assassin waves
-Wearing Hero outfit will keep assassins coming one after the other with no wait periods
-Some missions were removed

*Avenging Angel job changes:
-Enemies use firearms and bats
-Added new locations/models
-Team members can pick up and use weapons
-After completing all 3 Avenging Angel missions on all islands weapons wont be removed upon death

*New Features:
-Call off the cops by pressing Sprint + Center Camera (double tap in center of screen), each wanted star costs 500$
-Slow Motion/Bullet Time - can be activated by double tap in center of screen both in car or on-foot, holding fire button will give a few more seconds of bullet time
-Crouch by holding Sprint, you can aim and fire while crouched (not with heavy weapons)
-Buyable special cars:
+Strong Avenging Angel bike costs $10K after completing AA on Portland (AA bike is now a vigilante/police vehicle)
+Strong Landstalker costs $10K after completing Tourists job on Shoreside Vale

*Game rebalances:
-Missions are harder
-Health regenerates slowly to 50
-No scripted weather/time changes
-Mission chars/cars can be damaged by others not just the player
-Weapons do slightly less damage
-Wanted level increases slower
-Triads now drive Hotrod cars
-Gangs become hostile only after you complete a mission against them
+Finish 12 Vigilante missions to remove all gang hostility.
-All outfits are unlocked except the Cox mascot and Hero suit - both can can be unlocked.
-All Gang arsenal is randomized, Portland gangs dont use shotguns nor assault rifles. other gangs use all firearms.
-Dying/Being arrested will remove all weapons and charge additional fee.
*Hidden Packages/Stunt Jumps/Rampages/Bribe Pickups were removed, you can call off the cops by phone for a fee.
as well as wheelie/stoppie bonuses just for not being realistic
-Car import oddjob ("Car-azy Car Give Away") now only pays the $52K once you finished collecting all the vehicles

*Textures replaced:
-Casual clothes swapped with Donald Love's suit
-Leone outfit swapped with Vincenzo's suit
-Avenging Angel uniforms tweaked (including AA gang members)
-Dragon suit changed
-Hero suit changed to a dark version
-Track suit is now Triads based
-Elvis outfit changed to biker's look
-Tuxedo outfit is now full black

*Might have bugs, I dont have time to test everything so any feedback would be appreciated
-Reloading the game should resolve most bugs

1. download OBB tool from
2. extract original file (drag and drop patch.15 OBB FILE on obbdec_lcs.exe, take the "" file from your android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtalcs folder)
3. insert mod files in the "out" folder (only main.scm file is replaced, other files just added)
4. rename "out" folder to ""
5. repack file (drag and drop patch.15 FOLDER on makeobb_lcs.exe)
6. replace OBB file in folder android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtalcs with the modded OBB file

Good tutorial here:
*be sure to apply on patch.15 file (not the patch.17 example in the tutorial)

-adjusted rewards
-decreased SV mansion price and rent

-fixed car import oddjob aka "Car-azy Car Give Away"

Huge thanks to:
Rockstar Games
Sanny Builder
Sergeanur for making the obb tool

Have Fun!

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