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LCS Mobile - Endless Stories Mod
by HippieCommunist
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Author: HippieCommunist2021 No Screenshots Available Yet
No Download: Mod Not Complete
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: Android2.4
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 17 Jul 2021
Last Updated: 17 Jul 2021
Views: 1022
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 2.5 (0 votes)
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Endless Stories Mod - by HippieCommunist

This is a simple sandbox mod that opens up almost everything from the start and adds some new features.

*Buyable safehouses:
-Staunton Island safehouse can be bought for $150K - unlocks Stauton Island missions (except Toshiko missions).
-Shoreside Vale safehouse can be bought for $500K - unlocks Shoreside Vale missions and Toshiko missions.
+also adds a new gun shop in Shoreside Vale at the garages near the police station.

*Repeatable Missions - enter marker to start missions, if you fail, mission will progress to the next one in line for that mission giver
-completing "No Son of Mine" mission will trigger ma's assassins. you wont be notified when they come anymore and they will use more weapons.
-completing "Big Rumble in Little China" mission will stop assassin waves.
-wearing Hero outfit will keep assassins coming one after the other with no wait periods.
-some missions were removed.

*Avenging Angel redone:
-enemies use firearms and bats
-added new locations/models
-team members can pick up and use weapons
-after completing all 3 Avenging Angel missions on all islands weapons wont be removed upon death.

*New Features:
-Call off the cops by pressing Sprint + Center Camera (double tap in center of screen), each wanted start costs 500$.
-Slow Motion/Bullet Time - can be activated by double tap in center of screen both in car or on-foot, holding fire button will give a few more seconds of bullet time.
-Crouch by holding Sprint, you can aim and fire while crouched (not with all weapons).

*Game rebalances:
-Missions are harder
-Health regenerates slowly to 50.
-No scripted weather/time changes
-Mission chars/cars can be damaged by others not just the player
-Weapons do less damage
-Wanted level increases slower
-Triads now drive Hotrod cars
-Gangs become hostile only after you complete a mission against them. finish 12 Vigilante missions to remove all gang hostility.
-all outfits are unlocked except the Cox mascot and Hero suit - which both can can be unlocked.
-All Gang arsenal is randomized, Portland gangs dont use shotguns nor assault rifles. other gangs use all firearms.
-Dying/Being arrested will remove all weapons and charge additional fee.
*Hidden Packages/Stunt Jumps/Rampages/Bribe Pickups were completely removed, you can call off the cops by phone for a fee.
as well as wheelie/stoppie bonuses just for not being realistic.

*Textues replaced:
-Casual clothes swapped with Donald Love's suit
-Leone outfit swapped with Vincenzo's suit
-Avenging Angel uniforms tweaked (including AA gang members)
-Dragon suit tweaked
-Hero suit changed to a dark version
-Track suit is now Triads based
-Elvis outfit changed to biker's
-Tuxedo outfit is now full black

*Might have bugs, I dont have time to test everything so any feedback would be appreciated.
-reloadiong the game should resolve most bugs

1. download OBB tool from
*be sure to apply on patch.15 file (not the patch.17 example in the tutorial)
2. extract file (drag and drop patch.15 OBB FILE on obbdec_lcs.exe)
3. insert mod files (keep a backup)
4. repack file (drag and drop patch.15 FOLDER on makeobb_lcs.exe)
5. replace OBB in android folder

Huge thanks to:
Rockstar Games
Sanny Builder
Sergeanur for making obb tool

Have Fun!

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