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20.32% Starter Save Game!
Information Files
Author: povke
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 30 Mar 2018
Last Updated: 30 Mar 2018
Views: 3394
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)
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A lot of players hate doing the non-storyline missions, most of them do not do them at all, so this save game is right for those players. Everything what is required for the 100% completion and else unlocked before the Big Smoke mission is done.
  • 100/100 gang tags in Los Santos are sprayed
  • 50/50 snapshots in San Fierro are photographed
  • 50/50 horseshoes in Las Venturas are collected
  • 50/50 oysters in San Andreas are collected
  • The BMX Challenge mission is passed
  • The Chiliad Challenge mission is passed
  • The NRG-500 Challenge mission is passed
  • The 8-Track mission is passed
  • The Blood Bowl mission is passed
  • The Kickstart mission is passed
  • The Dirt Track mission is passed
  • The Roboi's Food Mart Courier Mission is passed
  • The Hippy Shopper Courier Mission is passed
  • The Burger Shot Courier Mission is passed
  • The new moves from the three gyms are learned
  • The safehouses in Los Santos, countryside and desert are purchased
  • The Firefighter mission is passed
  • The Paramedic mission is passed
  • The Vigilante mission is passed
  • The Taxi Driver mission is passed
  • The Pimping mission is passed
  • The Pistol Challenge and the Micro SMG Challenge in the Ammu-Nation shooting range are passed
Not required for the 100% completion:
  • 70/70 unique jump stunts in San Andreas are completed
  • The Burglar mission is passed
  • Progress with Michelle is 100%
  • Progress with Barbara is 100%
  • Progress with Katie is 100%
  • Absolutely all clothes are bought from all the 6 clothes shops (Binco, Sub Urban, Zip, Pro-Laps, Victim and Didier Sachs)
  • Stamina is 100%
  • Total respect is 100%
  • Lung capacity is 100%
  • Sex appeal is 100%
  • Muscle is 100%
  • Driving skill is 100%
  • Flying skill is 100%
  • Bike skill is 100%
  • Cycling skill is 100%
  • Gambling skill is 100%
  • Hitman skill level (1000 points) is gotten with all weapons
  • $999, 999, 999 is reached
  • Absolutely all gang territories in San Andreas are taken over (69 territories are held)
New features:
  • Gang wars (does not get enabled before the Doberman mission by default)
  • Hot Coffee (does not get enabled in the game by default)
  • All taxis have nitro (gets enabled after passing the Taxi Driver mission)
  • Prostitutes pay you (gets enabled after passing the Pimping mission)
  • CJ no longer loses weapons if he gets busted (gets enabled after getting Barbara as a girlfriend)
  • CJ no longer loses weapons if he gets wasted (gets enabled after getting Katie as a girlfriend)
  • Infinite run (gets enabled after passing the Burglar mission)
  • Fireproof (gets enabled after passing the Firefighter mission)
  • Fast reload (does not get enabled in the game by default)
  • 6-star wanted level (gets enabled in the game late by default)
  • The Cop Uniform is now in the Wardrobe (after achieving 100% with Barbara)
  • The Racing Suit is now in the Wardrobe (after achieving 100% with Michelle)
  • The Medic Uniform is now in the Wardrobe (after achieving 100% with Katie)
  • Absolutely all the help messages are disabled
Other information: The save game starts in the Willowfield safehouse at 06:30 on Wednesday. CJ has SMG and Vulcan Mini Gun and both have unlimited ammo.
Jeansowaty commented over a year ago:
Very nice :D good work.
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