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Author: frankandbeans
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 26 Jan 2018
Last Updated: 10 Mar 2018
Views: 7692
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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frankandbean's Cop Pass Mod

Submitted to GTAgarage by frankandbeans from GTAforums on 1/25/2018

Step aside ladies, Barbara just became CJ's best gurl. After unearthing mass graves for days, all the hard-working mother of two wanted was for somebody to keep her company out there in the lonely desert. What does she give in return? The best gift of all.

Files included in this archive are Main.scm, Script.img, and a cleo script.
Those files should be compatible with most gamesaves, and I have listed what features are present below.
This mod was inspired by the cop outfit in Vice City.
This mod won't grant the user full immunity, as he/she will still obtain stars if he/she commits a crime.


*With the Police Uniform:

	- allows player access to any impound in San Andreas (must be in a vehicle to open the barriers)

		- police officers at the impounds will remain friendly until attacked by the player


*With the Police Uniform:

	- allows the player to openly carry firearms inside any police department in San Andreas
		(credits to Jack from GTAforums)

	- grants access to restricted areas except on during missions that specifically disable/enable
		military zone wanted levels and the sam sites in Area 69
		(missions include Black Project, Vertical Bird, etc.)


- Cleo 4 is required (may work with cleo 3) for Cop_Pass.cs
- Make backup of your main.scm and script.img
- Drag 'data' and 'cleo' folders from this archive to the root of your SA game directory

*Should be compatible with most gamesaves

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