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GTA 3 Beta Player SKIN
Information Files
Author: LikeA_B0SS1
Works with: GTAIII 
Status: Complete
Started on: 14 Dec 2017
Last Updated: 15 Dec 2017
Views: 6464
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 2 (1 votes)
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This is the skin texture used in some prototypes of the game, the early version of GTAIII showed us a game with a "cartoonish" style, this is due his predecessor was more an arcade type game centered on a quick action gameplay, after that DMA/Rockstar move the game style to something more dark and mature, they used a player (claude) model more detailed and i particularly believe this came alongside the fact to show us how the lights and shadows work

Oddly, the skin texture is in the files of the game, but certanly separated, the youngish face and the plain green pants are on the "playa5" from the "PLAYERX" image txd, and the jacket textures are on the "Blackjacket" file from the "CAT" txd. I only took both of them to made one single "skin" than resemble the showed one on the GTA prototype (picture alongside the final mod) with some modifications to adjusted it at the actual model, remember it´s the SKIN not the MODEL.

I originally posted this skin as a "Bonus" on my mod "Bad Ass Skins 4 Claude" (currently, i have requested the deletion), after that (Feb, 2015) i was busy on other things and on my own life, i took the "skins" modification something more like a occasionally pastime, the number of "skins" grew up from 15 at least to the double, and many of them where radically modified, at the point to do not resemble to the original intention, however i always considered the "Beta Skin"to be a point apart, and i decided to make a single Mod for him.

I recently watch this fan made trailer:
Familiar? Of course! it's the skin, this currently don't bother me, but you can see how i (originally before the updates) uploaded that skin with some errors like the blue line on the player's butt and his inner thigh, this is currently fixed and i don't know (due the nature of the skin) if someone took the skin for distributed on others mods as a compilation of a "Beta" game, if this happened just make me know.

I Highly recommend to play this alongside with the GrimRipperMods mod "BETA Player Model", despite to not be the same model of the prototype showed, it´s currently the more accurate and an interesting update

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