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Author: Zolika1351
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 22.5
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 19 Nov 2017
Last Updated: 21 Nov 2017
Views: 3910
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (2 votes)
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Trainer with a lot of features.
F7 - open/close
Num4 - Previous Player/Rapid Scroll
Num6 - Next Player/Rapid Scroll
Num8/Num2 - Scroll
Num5 - Enter menu/execute selected option
Num0 - Go back

Features (huge list):
Teleport to players
Teleport into players' cars
Teleport to waypoint
Teleport to predefined locations on map (safehouses, airport)
Spawn cars (you can spawn every car in the game, even the subways!)
Change playermodel (every model in the game, you can even use Niko in multiplayer!)
Pickable Objects (Spawns into your hand, or you can disable that in trainer settings to spawn it next to you)
Story Cars (for example Bryce's Infernus, Vlad's Marbelle, Johnny's Hexer, Armando & Henrique's Cavalcade)
Populated Cars (cars with people already in them, for example cop car, police heli, roman's taxi, taxi, noose stockade)
Walkstyles Menu (a few walkstyles in a small list, I recommend using Custom Walkstyles instead)
Peds (Any ped in the game, if you are in a car it spawns into passenger/driver seat, otherwise walks away)
Custom Car/Player/Walkstyle/Ped - Type in any modelname/walkstyle name you want and the menu will spawn it!
Special Car God Mode - SET_CAR_PROOFS aka. car can only be deformed
Car Fix Loop - Fixes the car every frame, doesn't protect from sudden explosions
Autoflip - If the car is upside down, flip it automatically
Random Car Color
Random Natural Color - any color in the car's carcols, chosen randomly
Saved Car Options - Autoflip, random color, warp into car, keep bike upright, force engine on
Force Engine On
Go Through Some Objects/Detach from seat - removes collision from objects so your car can go through them
Turn vehicle extras on/off
Color Menu (primary and secondary color, 0-255 (yes it goes up that far, and yes there are unique colors in there like 255 is dark blue))
Carcols Entries (0-24 entries in the carcols.dat file, you can add more color combinations into that file and you can apply them here)
Godmode (Health Loop) - Sets health to max constantly and adds falldamage proof
Never Wanted
Resurrect (mp only)
Mobile Radio
True Free Roam - kills main.sco so nobody will call you and no mission blips will appear
Save Game
Trigger Autosave
Move Speed - Change the speed of every animation of your player, even shooting
Unlimited Ammo
Rapid Fire - Only shooting is sped up
Launch New Game
Detach - use this after using Throw Self option
Auto Resurrect (mp only) - resurrects instantly after you die
Fast Respawning - reduces loading screens
Display First Open Text - Public SCO Trainer 22.5 By Zolika1351 (Gamertag: DraftierOrb58, say hi if you meet me!)
Become Fidget Spinner - What the trainer originally started as
Hell Timecyc 1/2 - Weird stuff will happen
f*ck Up Car - places 35 cars and attaches them to your car, you can change the way it does that by changing f*ck Up Mode (pitch yaw or roll)
Toggle Ragdoll (Anti-Throw)
Cancel Current Mission
Unlock all Safehouses
Unlock all Islands
Free Cutscenes/Camera - For example when you arrive at Roman's mansion, the camera doesn't change and you can still drive and get out of the car and do stuff.
Throw self - Throws your player, you can still shoot in the air
Coordinates Display
Become midget - Constantly applies downward force to you
SP in MP - Everything from Singleplayer in Multiplayer, missions, calls, phone, calling 911, everything!
Player Drive Task - identical to SNT
Sit Down / Stand Up - identical to SNT
Walk in MP - You can walk with a keyboard in multiplayer, unarmed only
Shoot at Selected - broken option
Transform To X - I saw the Transform Races trailer in GTAO and made this
Anti-Chronicle/Nuke - Explosions and chronicle no longer affect you anymore
Player Walk Task - you start wandering around
Clear Tasks - stop player drive task and walk task
Chat: Selected/Host Stats - various info about selected player or the server, posted into chat
Rek Player - suicide
Fix Mission AI - for SP in MP, for example in TLAD this fixes the bikers stopping when in formation.
Pause Game - pauses the game, this can be used as a fake crash because people will see you as warping back and forth
Teleport all things - ow
Car Rain - spawns a car high above you
Keep All Interiors Loaded - sets all cutscene interiors to be loaded at all times
Load Current Interior - Loads the cutscene interior you are in
Shoot a Player - broken
Spawn all Story Cars - spawns 8 cars from missions into the places they are used in
Get Nearest ped/car's ID - just some testing
Unlock Cars - unlock all cars in the world, you can get into mission locked cars for example
Fix (protagonist) clothes - in MP if you use Niko, others will see you with random clothes, so they can use this option to set you to have a specific outfit
MP Bowling - self explanatory, first 2 lanes in Broker Alley
Protections - the usual mod menu protection stuff, all can be toggled
Clothes Menu - SNT-like individual component and texture changing or some predefined outfits
MP Model Menu - open the Player Model menu anywhere, anytime, even while in an MP session, and then apply your model and clothes to your current player
Time - Preset like 12:00 or you can set it manually, also you can set the timescale between 0.1 and 10
Weather - Extra Sunny to SunnyWindy2, and everything in between
Weapons - Weapon Packs (poor or good weapons) or individually give them to yourself (even unused0 and rocket)
Trainer Settings: Set color (even rainbow), random clothes toggle, menu speed, greet other users
Menu Style - you can set the menu to expand with submenus, or just the highest submenu displayed
Copy Car - Selected player's car will be cloned, like GTAO menus
Copy Player - Selected player's playermodel will be cloned, like GTAO menus
Missions - WIP, never gonna finish but it has some Roman missions
SCO Loader - Modslots (ZLoad0-10) predefined mods (Nathan's protection, MD Essentials) and custom SCO input (you can type in any SCO that you want to load)
Object spawning - Spawn ANY object in the game, has a HUGE list of 4000+ objects, num4/num6 skip 100
Selected object menu - change selected object's quaternion, heading, set it on the ground properly, reset its angles, change its coordinates, set it to fly with you on a specific Z coordinate (can be used to drive on water)
Animations - huge list of all animations in the game, you can play ANY of them, and set them to loop.
Anim Input - type in animation dictionary and animation name, and play it. Support for custom ones.
Set Voice - set player's voice
Middle Mouse Fly aka. HelixScripts copy
Airbreak (F6)
Fast Run
Collision Toggle (walk through walls)
Instant Stop
Car Speedup
Move forward through door

I hope you'll have fun with this trainer, I certainly had a lot of fun making it.

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