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GTA 3 Anime City Mod
Information Files
Author: Ars8300
Website: http://
Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: 05.07.17
Status: Complete
Started on: 18 Aug 2017
Last Updated: 18 Aug 2017
Views: 7996
Type: Conversion
Rating: 3.66667 (3 votes)
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Global Anime Mod for GTA 3 is changing the game beyond recognition.
You are tired of Liberty City then welcome to Anime City.
It is here that you can realize your old dream, namely, if you are very tired of the Anime or if you are an anime hatred, it is here that you can throw out your anger and arrange total lawlessness for all Anime. I have a huge number of Anime City in it.

It is necessary to download all twenty-three archives.

Mod requires an original without mods GTA 3. Unzip the contents of the downloaded archives, run the unzipped installer and install it into the root directory of the game, confirming
Replacement of all files, after that the next installer will start, and install it in the folder My Documents. After installation will be
Created a shortcut to the mod on the desktop.
datonepotato commented over 2 years ago:
:die: dafuq is this? GTA is gangstar-themed, not anime-themed, so don't make it.
MjAnimations commented over 2 years ago:
eww, f*cking anime :sui: (Don't ruin GTA 3!)
asgppl commented over 2 years ago:
GTA 3 ruined... :sui:
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