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Interactive Hooker ASI Plugin
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Author: null0245 No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 05 Aug 2017
Last Updated: 01 Oct 2017
Views: 4119
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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Love picking up hookers? Are the sessions too fast and too short? This mod enables you to control how hookers shake up your car while they're soliciting.

  • First major release
  • Added function where hooker shakes the car instead of the player
  • Rewrite of the logic
  • Add support for GTA III
  • Fix logic in health increase after soliciting. In the previous version, when the solicitation is interrupted (i.e. peds seeing the player's car), the health increase stops, requiring the player to go somewhere secluded to continue.
Initial version
  • Support for GTA Vice City and San Andreas
  1. Make sure an ASI loader is installed.
  2. Copy the .ASI file into the game root directory, or the ASI script directory.
  1. Get a vehicle.
  2. Pick up a hooker.
  3. Go and park to somewhere secluded.
  4. Press (and/or hold) INSERT. Don't drive while the session is ongoing (this will trigger the "Stop wasting my time" dialog in SA).
  • Double-press INSERT to speed up the process.
  • Make sure the car you're in is not about to explode.
  • Press END to immediately end your session.
  • Press and hold CTRL, then INSERT, to make the hooker shake the car for you.
  • The session might be finished even if the car does not shake.
  • In VC, If you press END, the hooker will get out of the car, and get in back again. (fixed in v.1.0)
  • The INSERT key is sometimes stuck when alt-tabbing to the game.
  • The mod clashes with SilentPatch's fix in hooker speech during solicitation. When using this mod, both the hooker and the player are silent
null0245 commented 0 months ago:
@pietrucha132 The archive is fine when I download. Are you sure you've downloaded the file completely?
pietrucha132 commented 0 months ago:
v1.0 archive is broken and cannot be extracted. Could you fix it?
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