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Kam's Max Scripts (3DS Max 2017)
Fixed kam's for 3DS Max 2017 compatibility
Information Files
Author: Gmer No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 3DS 2017
Status: Complete
Started on: 09 May 2017
Last Updated: 09 May 2017
Views: 24270
Type: Conversion
Rating: 2.5 (0 votes)
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NEW! Kam's scripts fixed for 3DS Max 2017 compatibility.
This is the first version to work fine on 3DS 2017 and it's the same as Kam's original except for it being fixed to use on 3DS Max 2017. So this should be allowed here as I didn't change its features, users requested many times Kam himself if he could release a new version for newer 3DS Max releases but he didnt (he's not active) so for the sake of usability here is a working version!

So here's the original:

Obviously all credits go to Kams himself and other collaborators/authors.

This update includes (also), all works for 3DS MAX 2017:
(dir) GTA_Tools
(dir) startup
(dir) sa_tools
(dir) Xscripts

From original entry, info;


This GTA Mod Tool includes:
- DFF IO import/export all 3d models used in GTA game
 - Special Material for GTA
 - 2nd UV Map for vehicle
 - 'Vehicle Parts' checkbox for bumpers, spoilers, wheels etc
 - Non-Standard DFF import disabled!
 - Bones/Skins DFF

- COL IO import/export all Collision used in GTA game
 - simple .col editing(append/delete)
 - Save as new single .col

- IFP IO import/export all animations used in GTA game
 - Animation base on ID

- Map IO import/export all map data used in GTA game
 - GTA3/VC/SA ide
 >objs, tobj, 2dfx(not sure in SA)
 >anim(SA only)
 >txdp(SA only)
 - GTA3/VC/SA ipl
 >inst, cull (all version)
 >grge, enex, pick, cars, auzo, jump (SA only)

- Modelling Helper is a helper tool, run it when you need it!
- Char. skinning helper tool for sizing the envelopes.
n3str1x commented over 3 years ago:
please, how to install? thanks.
3Doomer commented over 3 years ago:
May I ask why the F** this "GTA SA scripts" contain GIMS for GTA IV and Shadow's GTA IV plugin? It's kinda annoying for me(as a GIMS developer) to receive strange GTA SA-related issue reports :devil:
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