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GTA 3 - VC Cars In Action
New missions, new cars, new stuff and much more!
Information Files
Author: Maru89
No Download Available Yet
Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: 5.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 15 Apr 2017
Last Updated: 13 Jun 2020
Views: 20027
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.33333 (9 votes)
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Forum discussion about this mod.

Firstly, this mod requires CLEO library for GTA 3, which can be found here.

Secondly, in order to play this mod you need the ASI and audio files which can be found into the download section. More info inside the readme file.

"GTA 3 - VC cars in action" might be considered as the extended version of my old "GTA 3 - Beta cars in action" mod. Instead of beta GTA 3 cars it adds some VC cars to the game, but that's not the end, there's a lot more.

Some major changes:

- new cars added (not replaced) to your game,
- new missions, there are 110 of them now,
- a little upgrades in basic GTA 3 missions,
- every car will be parked at least once somewhere in Liberty,
- new peds will appear around the city,
- Leone Family's members will spawn in Trenton (not as often as in Saint Mark's and only on foot),
- both gates to the backlot of the Staunton LCPD station will now open for Police car, Enforcer and FBI car,
- the Ghost will be docked somewhere in Liberty,
- all cars added to traffic,
- new ability: regeneration, it will be available after completing the Paramedic side-mission,
- new prize from the Yakuza: two of their members will stay at your side to help you in fight,
- all unused music loops will appear around the Liberty,
- Enforcers will spawn on the streets around police stations,
- Toyz rampages for every gang in Liberty,
- the Dodo and unique stunt jumps glitch has been fixed, also one will not be able to do the unique stunt jumps with the Dodo,
- the subtitles for King Courtney's missions has been fixed,
- Marty Chonks will send you a message on the pager, he will also have a blip on the radar,
- Donald Love will send you a message on the pager (for some reason it still exists in the game, but is unused),
- after completing the payphone missions you won't be able to redo them over and over again,
- after 'Grand Theft Aero' mission Yakuza Stingers will spawn in Fort Staunton area,
- after 'The Exchange' gangs won't attack you anymore.

New missions mean there must be new employers to work for. That includes:

- an old tramp(?) named Darkel,
- Curtly, the owner of the Supa Save!,
- Chunky Lee Chong (before his death of course),
- Mike Forelli (same as above),
- The Yakuza Kanbu (if you take him out of the prison),
- Toyz'n The Hood company,
- some movie crew without the stuntman,
- and even Sam Houser himself!

I did beta tests with GTA 3 version 1.1, finished the 100% of the mod and no random crashes or weird bugs appeared.

Installing this mod is as easy as pie, just replace all files, delete your txd.dir and txd.img from your gta3/models folder and that's it. Just enjoy!

Version 2.0 is up!
After some time I managed to get this one to work correctly. 30 more cars added to your game, they'll also have unique handlings, different engine and door sounds. Here's the list of the cars added in this version: Admiral, Benson, Boxville, Burrito, Comet, Cuban Hermes, Deluxo, Gang Burrito, Glendale, Greenwood, Hermes, Hotring Racer (only the HOTRINA and HOTRINB variants), Kaufman Cab, Love Fist, Mesa Grande, Oceanic, Packer, Phoenix, Rancher, Romero's Hearse, Sandking, School Bus, Sentinel XS, Spand Express, Virgo, Voodoo, Walton, Zebra Cab. Also the Corpse variant of Manana will work properly now. I tried my best to fix all bugs. Even though there are some fps drops sometimes, but other than that it seems to be fine.
Version 3.0 is up!
- New cars added and more bugs fixed, - The last mission for Sam Houser works properly now. Cars added in this version: Classic series: Banshee, Cheetah, Infernus, Landstalker, Sentinel, Stinger and Top Fun van. Non GTA VC related: Cut Stretch (named as Cougar as a tribute to the forgotten GTA VC car), Premier (civilian Taxi), Z-Type (HD model). There's one glitch I found. Rear doors for Boxville and Top Fun vans don't work. NPCs can still see the seats but are not able to open the door (lack of animation?), so be careful with these cars during any escort-type mission.
Version 3.1 is up!
Some people pointed out that the Z-Type is kinda sticking out from the rest of the cars, which is true. That made me think about it and kinda of forced to fix that little thing. I replaced that one with the Thunder-Rodd from LCS as a repayment. That little upgrade won't damage your 3.0 version's saved games so you'll be able to continue your journey after replacing the files. Just don't forget to remove txd.dir and txd.img from your models folder.
Version 4.0 is up!
- new cars added, - minor upgrades to some missions, - rear pedseats added to the Top Fun and the Boxville, also rear seats for the Romero's Hearse work properly now, peds won't sit inside the coffin anymore. Cars added in this version: Classic series: Bobcat Liberty City Stories cars: Ballot Van, Bickle'76, Campaign Rumpo, Deimos SP, Forelli ExSess, Hellenbach GT, Phobos VT, Sindacco Argento, V8 Ghost.
Version 5.0 is up!
- two more cars added: the Buggy from the GTA 3 beta and the HOTRING variant of the Hotring Racer. - one more mission for Sam Houser added, - minor upgrades to some other missions, - fixed all of the bugs I could find in this mod, whether it be during the missions or roaming freely around the city, - unused car paths and ped paths are now active, - the Campaign Rumpo has been removed due to the car being a bit unstable. This one has been replaced by the VC version of the Rumpo (it is still named as a Pony to avoid naming confusion). How to install: Just replace all files, don't forget to backup your original ones. Then delete txd.dir and txd.img from your GTA3/models folder (the game will automatically rebuild them). CREDITS: ALMOST610 - Cut Stretch & Premier models, BEGINit - ped models, ermaccer - Sabre Turbo model, Jeansowaty - ped models, Maru89 - all other models, MAJEST1C_R3 - GTA Liberty City Stories models, qwerty213 - School Bus model, X2X123 - Beta Police car and Beta Enforcer models, //XP// - Curtly's model, YochiThMaster333 - Blista Compact, Regina, Sabre & Washington models. All models used with permission! SPECIAL THANKS: ermaccer, Jeansowaty, Russel_Stone - for the help with dff and collision files, mazdacosmo - for the link to the GTA LCS Vehicles Big Pack, ZAZ - for the help with the Sanny Builder scripts.
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