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IV:Timecycle Tweaker
Realtime timecyc editor
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Author: iriedreadlock23
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.2
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 13 Apr 2017
Last Updated: 28 May 2017
Views: 2036
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3 (2 votes)
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This is a small mod for GTA IV, made for timecycle editing and improving general look of the game. Tweak almost any timecycle modifier (around 200+), without changing files or restarting game. Preview timecycles that are used only in missions, interiors, subways, etc, and edit exposure, colors, fog, post fx and more.

Current version 1.1 works with GTA IV and EFLC If you're a developer and you're interested in accessing timecycle data directly in RAM, link up. Ill be glad to share my code. If you intend to use timecycle modifiers in your scripts/mods with default game camera, make sure to edit visualsettings.dat, and disable all cam.followvehicle.blur settings. This will prevent the game from applying modifiers when driving. You can also do the same for cam.followped.blur.damage. Workaround is to use custom camera, so you won't need to edit visualsettings.dat. COMMANDS: I - Show in-game help F2 - Open menu F3 - Export edited modifier F1 - Import modifier Left mouse button - apply settings / enter menu Right mouse button - Go back to previous menu DoubleClick - Enter modifier editor Shift+MouseWheel - Change parameter value Version 1.2 * New parameters available * Quick load user settings from hdd * Fade parameter values Version 1.1 * Export edited modifiers to file * Import data from file to modifier * Added support for GTA IV * Added support for EFLC Version 1.0 * More than 200 modifiers available * More than 60 parameters available * Edit anything in realtime Requirements: Scripthook Scripthookdotnet MemBiter
iriedreadlock23 commented over a year ago:
:r*: Rockstar hates this mod
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