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Starter Save
44% Completed
Information Files
Author: rsnifty
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 3
Status: Complete
Started on: 10 Jul 2007
Last Updated: 25 Mar 2010
Views: 18978
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.28572 (7 votes)
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Version 3

This set of starter saves completes as much of the side missions as possible without starting any of the story missions; therefore, if you had never played the game, the only thing you'd need to do is watch the introduction of a new game to catch up with where the starter save is at in the story.

As it so happens, 44% of the non-story side missions are accessible without starting the story mission, and all of those are completed in these files along with a number of cars loaded in garages and items I happened to pick up along the way.

This leaves only a few missions which are not completed
 1. Story missions needed to complete the story.
 2. Asset Missions
 3. Helicopter Checkout Missions
 4. One jump which can be completed during the G-Spotlight route
spidey007 commented over 2 years ago:
:cool: but can you made 100% conpleated savegame :evilgrin:
idude commented over 9 years ago:
Hi, sorry for bringing back such an old thread, but anyway :D I made my own starter save from scratch and managed to reach 44% without doing any story missions. Basically I just finished the robberies (your save was missing one store to rob) and the firefighter mission. I did the Molotov cocktail rampage near the lighthouse in order to obtain a firetruck on the east island. So, that's pretty much it... I submitted my save file and I'm waiting for approval.
rsnifty commented over 10 years ago:
This is a game save before the story begins. I worked within the limitations of what the game offered, used no cheats, no mods, and no modification to the file; this was done through what the game had offered if you had freshly installed it from the CDs.

It would be easier to specify what is not completed:
[*] 4 of the insane jumps
[*] The Robbery Missions
[*] Chopper Checkout Missions
[*] Story missions
[*] Asset Missions

Kudos for anyone that can pull more off on this than I could.

Also the website link gives information on how to get from one island to the other which is important if you end up stuck on eastern island and don't know how to get back.
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