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Honda CBR600RR
Honda Sportsbike for San Andreas
Information Files
Author: Th3 ProphetMan
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: PreFinal
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 12 Jul 2005
Last Updated: 27 Jul 2005
Views: 363557
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.1346 (52 votes)
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Well after some work i have been able to release a version of the bike for San andreas:) hope you enjoy it. You can coment here what you think of it. or do it in my bike dedicated topic in the forums:
Gta Forums Topic
Lecreck commented over 11 years ago:
The hand, i always found that in other bike mod... :/ The way to fix it ?
tommy3000 commented over 13 years ago:
hey man... can you make honda cbr 150r for SA... it will be great if you can... i'll give you credit...
krgrubbs commented over 14 years ago:
nice mod but having problem installing with SAMI. I'm on Ubuntu using PlayOnLinux which allows windows games to play on linux platform using Wine software basically. I got san andreas to install fine, got Spaceeinstein's all-in-one mod to work. I even got the WTC 1.1 mod to work once. tried installing a yamaha R1 mod in place of the 600 pcj, it errored up my SA so I reinstalled SA. Can't get this mod to work, now my WTC twin towers mod won't install and also this mod won't install. I tried installing this one first on a clean install of San Andreas, couldn't get it so I just installed Spaceeinstein's All-In-One 3.0 mod. wish i could get this to work, along with the twin towers mod.
Danmeister commented over 14 years ago:
Not downloading, the handlebars are about 6 inches below CJ's hands. sorry. Actually, that's not fair. It looks great, so if you can change the position where CJ grabs the handlebars, I'll probs download.
Blltproof commented over 14 years ago:
Very nice mod, thanks alot :colgate:
rohonhb commented over 14 years ago:
how will I patch this mod in game files? please tell me
gzslayer commented over 15 years ago:
sweet_johanson commented over 15 years ago:
can i replays the wayfarer wit this bike
koosie commented over 15 years ago:
It's Ugly :devil::barf:
airport sercurity commented over 16 years ago:
 QUOTE (JbreezY @ 00:07, Jul 23 2007)
how much is version 2
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brick bit bit bit
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