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Honda CBR600RR
Honda Sportsbike for San Andreas
Information Files
Author: Th3 ProphetMan
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: PreFinal
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 12 Jul 2005
Last Updated: 27 Jul 2005
Views: 350836
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.11763 (51 votes)
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Well after some work i have been able to release a version of the bike for San andreas:) hope you enjoy it. You can coment here what you think of it. or do it in my bike dedicated topic in the forums:
Gta Forums Topic
Lecreck commented over 6 years ago:
The hand, i always found that in other bike mod... :/ The way to fix it ?
tommy3000 commented over 8 years ago:
hey man... can you make honda cbr 150r for SA... it will be great if you can... i'll give you credit...
krgrubbs commented over 9 years ago:
nice mod but having problem installing with SAMI. I'm on Ubuntu using PlayOnLinux which allows windows games to play on linux platform using Wine software basically. I got san andreas to install fine, got Spaceeinstein's all-in-one mod to work. I even got the WTC 1.1 mod to work once. tried installing a yamaha R1 mod in place of the 600 pcj, it errored up my SA so I reinstalled SA. Can't get this mod to work, now my WTC twin towers mod won't install and also this mod won't install. I tried installing this one first on a clean install of San Andreas, couldn't get it so I just installed Spaceeinstein's All-In-One 3.0 mod. wish i could get this to work, along with the twin towers mod.
Danmeister commented over 9 years ago:
Not downloading, the handlebars are about 6 inches below CJ's hands. sorry. Actually, that's not fair. It looks great, so if you can change the position where CJ grabs the handlebars, I'll probs download.
Blltproof commented over 9 years ago:
Very nice mod, thanks alot :colgate:
rohonhb commented over 10 years ago:
how will I patch this mod in game files? please tell me
gzslayer commented over 10 years ago:
sweet_johanson commented over 10 years ago:
can i replays the wayfarer wit this bike
koosie commented over 10 years ago:
It's Ugly :devil::barf:
airport sercurity commented over 11 years ago:
 QUOTE (JbreezY @ 00:07, Jul 23 2007)
how much is version 2
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