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Gta 3 Story
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Author: lezalo4000
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 5.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 25 Jan 2017
Last Updated: 13 Mar 2017
Views: 4914
Type: Conversion
Rating: 3 (2 votes)
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gta 3 storyline v1 8 missions gta 3 storyline v2 16 missions + fixed mission 16 v3 gta 3 potland all missions v3.0
I feel the mission the fuzz ball I left bad the only thing they have to do is to pass the other missions except the skull that I put of luigi in the missions they play to the others and ready and later they play like last those if it appears that by mistake matenze writing szcmawo And ready and finish the dema and if there are many red points fijense without putting the fuzz ball and play the other missions of lugi and ready and if they run alone put szcmawo and press and + ny save and ready gta 3 v4 story all missions potland + fix bugs + staunton 8 missions
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darthblack66 commented over 3 years ago:
:colgate: gta 3 story final version :colgate:
lezalo4000 commented over 3 years ago:
lezalo4000 commented over 4 years ago:
Http:// if it does not work any of the links keep looking for how to fix patch error version 1.0 and if it does not look everywhere also the hoddlum Is a patch for dyom there is a video called solution to almost all problems of gta sa is in Spanish write it in Spanish those who speak English that link is not mine I gave them to you to download it by but gives them the installer of the other Link but keep looking for greetings
lezalo4000 commented over 4 years ago:
:angry: I feel the mission the fuzz ball tube errors I put it as a final mission I'm sorry I'm from the skull that's near the house of claude, I play the first ones before anything else, but it will end soon
lezalo4000 commented over 4 years ago:
:bored:Download version 2 has more missions if you put the first will have repeated always download the latest version and the patches you put
lezalo4000 commented over 4 years ago:
:) Download the required mod gta united :r*:
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gta 3 story v5 staunton 16
gta 3 story v5.0 16 missions in staunton + portland all missions

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