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Mario Kart Race Pack
You can race in a Mario Kart style
Information Files
Author: skatefilter5 No Screenshots Available Yet
No Download: Mod Not Complete
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 04 Jan 2017
Last Updated: 07 Feb 2018
Views: 4039
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 1 (1 votes)
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Mario Kart Tracks will be a good place to drive in these courses for San Andreas, you can race against opponents!

How to use:
Load each map in the game in modloader but if you want to switch tracks turn off the current racetrack and click on another racetrack and restart the game by quitting.

DYOM List:
DYOM1 Mushroom Bridge 4-Racers Fixed AIs: Map - MKDD Mushroom Bridge
DYOM2 Luigi Kart 12-Racers Improved AIs: Map - Mario Kart Luigi Kart
DYOM3 Mushroom Bridge 8-Racers Very Broken AIs: Map - MKDD Mushroom Bridge
DYOM4 Wario's Colosseum (Test) 8-Racers Broken AIs: Map - Wario Colosseum V2
DYOM5 Waluigi's Stadium Map 6-Racers Sometimes Broken AIs: Map - Waluigi's Stadium
DYOM6 Luigi Kart Battle War Unfinished: Map - Mario Kart Luigi Kart
DYOM7 Null
DYOM8 Null

Enjoy the Mario Kart races!


Download Mario Pack:


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