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[Driver 2] Chicago Map Assets
For 3DS Max or any other 3D Modeling Software
Information Files
Author: Ss4gogeta0
Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas GTA IV 
Release/Version: Final
Status: Complete
Started on: 05 Dec 2016
Last Updated: 08 Dec 2016
Views: 7698
Type: Conversion
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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These are the Textures + Models from the Chicago map featured in Driver 2, they can be loaded in any 3D modelling program and are good for Total Conversions. This includes both Day & Night maps

To load the full map in whichever modelling program you use, be sure to open "chicago_levelmodel.obj". do not change the folder structure or else things wont load.

Keep in mind that there are a few issues with this map file, as it is converted from a PS1 game. but it is nothing that cannot be fixed with a little "elbow grease".

- Unexplorable areas from Driver 2 are empty voids
- Buildings have no interiors or rooftops
- Trees are 2D sprites
- Some patches of land are missing due to the extractor being pretty basic

Hope you enjoy the map and have fun working on it. Other maps will be released from Driver 2.

- Ss4gogeta0
Ss4gogeta0 commented over 3 years ago:
had help from Driver modders :p
kellne commented over 4 years ago:
How did you extracted that map ? :)
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