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GTA SA: BETA Version
Information Files
Author: Brooklynzsmac
No Download: Mod Not Complete
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.1
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 06 Jul 2016
Last Updated: 12 Nov 2017
Views: 12618
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (6 votes)
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Modification needs fastman92 Limit Adjuster, you can find it here:
It is recommended to use ModLoader to install modification, you can find it here:

-changed WMYBU in "Snail Trail" with MEDIATR
-changed Voodoo's color from "Big Smoke" and "Drive-Thru" to red from purple
-changed Ryder's Picador with Sadler
-changed Rancher in "Lure" with RNCHLURE
-changed Manana in "Ran Fa Li" to Sabre
-changed score in "Life's A Beach" to 4000
-restored player's original outfit
-restored Russian Mafia
-restored Italian Mafia
-readded Vagos to East Los Santos
-Tec9 from Sweet's house is located near LS Stadium now (as seen in BradyGames Guide)
-changed PCJ's in "OG Loc" with Sanchezes
-changed Pulaski's Buffalo with black Sentinel
-south part of Ganton no longer belongs to Grove Street after "Home Coming"
-changed wheels of Pony in "Life's a Beach"
-unlocked all shops since the beginning of the game
-changed Downtown LS ammunation with two-floored one
-changed Bloodring Banger in "Blood Ring" to Bullet
-restored broken Pay'N'Spray in Las Venturas
-made both LAPDM1 and LAPDM2 spawn at the same time
-made desert officers spawn in desert, deputies in country and motorbike officers in their respective cities
-jetpack and cellphone icons are now displayed when in use (thanks to Fastman Limit Adjuster)
-restored some prices in tattoo parlors
-made Bike School accessible via interior
-made Rusty Browns functional

-renamed Willofield to Willow Field
-renamed Los Flores to Los Florres
-renamed Temple to Sunnyside (police scanner works too)

-restored beta Timb boots
-remade beta jeans
-restored bera Rimmers shirt
-restored beta yellow Eris shirt
-restored hoodyb
-restored original hoodyarockstar (now using hoodyb model)
-removed Rockstar sign from black hoody
-removed Rockstar sign from blue hoody
-restored original tshirtwhite
-restored original bballjackrstar
-remade Pro-Laps logo on black tank-top
-restored tshirtprowh
-restored shirtbblue
-restored tracktrblustr
-restored glassesx
-restored capknitblk
-restored capover (+ new variants)
-restored capnband (+ new variants)
-restored capgrey with all variants
-restored cappolice
-restored chinos
-restored afrotash
-restored afrobeard
-remade fat CJ texture
-restored 4nation tattoo
-restored shirtshortblue

-restored beta SPAS' animation
-restored VC UZI
-restored MAC 10
-changed Desert Eagle with Revolver
-restored beta Spraycan
-added "OLD REMOVED WEAPON MODELS" stated in default.ide (screwdriver, hammer, cleaver, machete, buddy shotgun, m60)[disabled, waiting for new FLA]
-restored skateboard[disabled, waiting for new FLA]
-restored Sniper Rifle from VC
-restored Manhunt weapons (optional)
-remade smaller Micro UZI as seen on one screenshot and artwork (optional)
-restored cutscene.img weapons (optional)
-restored blue parachute

-Boxville now spawns in traffic on Grove Street
-changed many carcolors
-gave Voodoo to Ballas
-gave Tornado to Aztecaz
-restored wheels of Sabre, Savanna, Tornado, Greendwood, Voodoo, Broadway, Blade, Hustler, Cabbie, Glendale, Bloodra, Hermes
-restored Elegy's paintjobs
-remade NRG-500's decal
-remade Police Maverick's decal
-changed Sanchez' engine sound
-restored Bloodrb
-restored option of installing nitrous in Sadler and Sandking
-restored option of customizing bikes
-remade Flash
-remade Super GT
-remade Primo
-remade Cadrona
-remade Jester
-remade Dune
-remade Majestic
-remade COmbine Harvester (model needs to be fixed)
-remade Turismo (needs to be redone with PS2 model)
-remade Tahoma (needs to be redone with PS2 model)
-remade Experanto (needs to be redone with PS2 model)
-reamde Yosemite (needs to be redone with PS2 model)
-remade Uranus paintjob
-remade Ranger

-remade Sweet from trailer
-fixed Emmet
-remade Ryder from trailer #1 (ingame texture now matches cutscene one)

-remade BALLAS1 (3 variants)
-remade BALLAS3 (2 variants)
-remade Families
-remade DNB2
-remade TRIADA
-remade TRIADB
-remade TRIBOSS (2 variants)
-restored unused voices of Triads
-remade BFYRI
-remade HMORI
-remade LAPDM1
-remade SBMORI
-remade SFYPRO
-remade VBMYBOX
-remade WFYRI
-remade WMYBELL
-remade WMYSGRD
-rigged WMYBP from cutscene.img
-rigged WMYPLT from gta3.img
-restored WMYSGRD's voice
-restored VWMYAP
-restored SOMYAP
-restored BMYDJ
-restored PSYCHO
-restored WMYLG
-restored WMYMECH
-restored OMOST
-restored WMORI
-restored WBDYG1
-restored WBDYG2
-restored VMAFF4
-changed WMYCD1 with WMYCD2
-restored BMYBU
-restored MEDIATR
-restored WFYCRP
-remade BMOBAR
-improvised IRMYST
-restored WMYTX1
-restored WMYTX2
-rigged BMYDRUG
-restored BFYST
-restored CDEPUT
-restored SBMYTR4
-restored SBMOTR1
-restored BMOSEC
-restored BMYPIMP with his quotes
-restored SBMOTR3
-restored SWFOTR1
-restored VWFYPR1
-restored WFYPR1 (CSPRO1)
-remade DNB3
-remade SWAT
-improvised IMYST
-remade HMYRI
-remade SHMYCR
-remade BFYBU as seen on billboard
-remade WFYCLOT
-restored LAPDM2
-restored BFYPRO (CSHO)
-remade BALLAS2
-remade BMYTATT
-remade VLA1
-remade VLA2
-remade BMYPOL1
-remade BMYPOL2
-made CWMYHB3
-made BMYDON (Rusty Brown Ring Donuts vendor)
-remade WMOST
-remade OMOKUNG
-remade BMYST
-remade BMYCR
-remade HMYCR

-remade map icons
-remade weapon icons
-remade gray roads on radar
-restored Beta license plates
-removed "night" vehicle lights

-remade exemplary tattoos in tattoo parlor interior
-remade green pool table

You can't edit, or use my mod in your own wihout my permission.


Leader: Brooklynzsmac
Scripting: Scorpio '92
CoolMods commented over 2 years ago:
still not finished?
Sativa_Nike commented over 3 years ago:
I hope this will be ready :r*: :rah: :rah: :r*: :catloaf:
Tornado '92 commented over 4 years ago:
This mod looks great :cool: I hope a download link in the future, If you want any help you can ask me i'll keep an eye for this mod. Here are some cookies: :cookie: :cookie:
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