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GTA SA 100% Android Master Save
all ~40 uniqe vehicles collection
Information Files
Author: automoto95
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v1
Status: Complete
Started on: 16 Mar 2016
Last Updated: 02 Jul 2016
Views: 170560
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.8 (5 votes)
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This is my 100% save file for GTA San Andreas Android started from scratch clean save no bugs no cheats or mod used all uniqe/special vehicle collection about ~40 vehicles in all cj garages saved in only one save file everyfing unlocked:

-max health and armor
-infinite ammo
-all gang teritory taken over
-all houses bought
-all shools are gold
-all 6 girfrends
-all special uniform clothes unlocked
-all clothes bought
-all guns hitman level
-all skills 100%
-all submission complete
-all collectables collected

Uniqe vehicles Legend:

AP = ALL Proof no damage everywhere (BP/FP/EP/DP/MP)

BP = Bullet Proof

FP = Fire Proof

EP = Explosion Proof

DP = Damage Proof

MP = Melee Proof

UC = Uniqe Color

 R = Rare


1. Johnson House
 AP/UC - White Feltzer
 AP - PCJ600
 AP - Forklift

2. El Corona Safehouse
 AP - Infernus
 UC - dark scarlet Voodoo
 UC - green Mesa
 UC - black Perenninal

3. Santa Maria Beach Safehouse
 AP/UC - white Vortex
 UC - white Newsvan
 UC - BF injection

4. Mulholland Safehouse
 AP - Seasparrow (saved on the roof)
 AP - Tampa (saved on garage roof)
 AP - Sultan

5. Palomino Creek Safehouse
 EP/FP - Camper "Mothership" with Hippie paintjob
 BP/FP/EP/MP - fortune
 AP - HPV1000
 AP - Sabre

6. Dillimore Safehouse
 FP/UC - Majestic
 AP - Admiral

7. Rockshore West Safehouse
 BP/FP/EP - Savanna
 AP - Glendale

8. Redsands West Safehouse
 EP/FP - Banshee

9. Whitewood Estates Safehouse
 UC - Pony offroad wheels
 R - Tornado

10. Prickle Pine Safehouse
 BP/MP - white walton
 AP - Sentinel
 UC - pink Windsor

11. Verdant Meadows airport
 AP - Camper "Mothership" with Hippie paintjob
 AP/UC - black Maverick
 AP - Firetruck
 UC - light green Packer
 EP - Mule

12. Fort Carson Safehouse
 AP/UC - Buffalo
 UC - black Bobcat

13. Doherty Garage
 UC - yellow Burrito
 BP - Tanker
 UC - coffe Washington
 UC - jizzy's pimpmobile

14. Hashbury Safehouse
 UC - black Stretch
 UC - black/white Stretch
 UC - black Huntley
 R - News Chopper

15. Calton Heights Safehouse
 R - Berkley's RC Van

16. Paradiso Safehouse
 UC - black ZR350 with offroad wheels
 UC - khaki brown Camper
 UC - maroon red Manana
 UC - green Pizzaboy

17. LSPD Impound Garage
 UC - black Elegant
 - dark scarlet Tampa
 - red Taxi Cabbie

18. LVPD Impound Garage
 - Barracks
 - Hustler
 - cheetah

Extract downloaded file to sdcard/Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/"here"
overpoweredgamer commented over 4 years ago:
Thank you so much This is really a gem of a save game
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