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The Life Of Police
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Author: Hassan_Shah
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 09 Mar 2016
Last Updated: 09 Mar 2016
Views: 4946
Type: Conversion
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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1. John - The Main Character 2. Chief - The Chief of the Police 3. Jeff - The guy who helps us find out the hideout 4. Leader of the Terrorist - The guy who kidnaps chief
Mission No.1 - The Test
- You have to go into the Las Venturas Police Department and follow a police guy which will take you to the Chief. The chief will ask you some questions
Mission No.2 - The Police Department Attack
- The Police Department will get attacked by the Terrorists. We have to fight our way through them and get to Los Santos Police Department.
Mission No.3 - The First Aid
- The mall will get attacked by the Terrorists. You have to cure the wounds of your fellow police mates.
Mission No.4 - The Watch
- You have to go to Rodeo where you will find Terrorists. Kill them all and then you discover a hunter at their base.
Mission No.5 - The Escape
- The Hunter you discovered was only 1 but in this you will be followed by 6 hunters that shoot rockets and try to kill you. You have to go to Naval Station to pick up the HeatSeekers to destroy the Hunters.
Mission No.6 - The Attack
- In this mission you met a guy name Jeff who will tell you about the location of the Terrorists and their hunters. I forgot to add the Stairs so please write kangaroo cheat to jump off the wall.
Mission No.7 - The Rescue
- In this the chief will get kidnapped by the Terrorists. You have to save him and kill the Terrorist leader.

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