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Ingame WPL Tool
Place objects, export to WPL, play
Information Files
Author: iriedreadlock23
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: Beta v0.44
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 29 Feb 2016
Last Updated: 18 Jan 2017
Views: 21027
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 5 (2 votes)
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This tool will help you to place thousands of models from GTA IV library into game world, and quickly export all data to WPL or IPL files. Once you do this, game will load objects automatically next time you play, even if you remove all scripts!

<< Report bugs here >>

- User friendly placement tool
- Easy to navigate through 3D world
- Place objects with mouse click
- Select, position, or remove
- Menu with thousands of models
- Edit anything you see in real-time
- Reads any WPL file
- Reads any IDE file
- Writes to any custom IPL/WPL file
- Optionally updates GTA.dat

IMPORTANT: >> Download Stable releases

- Ingame Wpl Editor v0.43 DEBUG VERSION

- Ingame Wpl Editor v0.36

- Unpack archives to your game folder.
- Download readme from earlier versions
- Compatible with GTA IV / TBOGT / TLAD...

Everything is done in realtime, in game, so it's easy to see how your placement of objects will look in game world next time you play, and the best thing about it is that you can use game physics simulation for object placement. Even though features are limited to objects placement, this mod can be used as basic GTA IV 3D map editor/creator.
UPDATE LOG: version 0.4* - Various bug fixes - Introducing Interior editor version 0.30 - REL - Bind any keyboard key for any command - Change user interface colors - Search all game WPL files in one click - Pick and copy any object from your screen - Rotate objects without limits - Better select objects function - Auto pause game while in menu - More smooth mouse movement - Export to PS3 and XBOX360 formats version 0.20 - REL - Fixed minor bugs from earlier versions - Quickly remove objects loaded by game (and replace them) - Fixed game crash bug from v0.13 and 0.14 - Track file updates through BLOK section (edit/update placement by area) - Set signature and tasks for each involved modder - Edit any WPL file in game and any object you see version 0.14 - REL - Throw objects around with custom physics parameters - Mass place objects with any brush size - Randomize rotation of mass placed objects - Randomize rotation of selected objects - Place to ground all selected objects - Pick closest object to camera - Quickly swap placement of two objects - Added deselect all option - Push/Pull/Throw objects - Autodetect interior name - Export interior placement - Added autosave option version 0.13 - REL - Fixed mouse movement issues - Fixed player collision/movement bug from 0.12 - Reduced model spawning time - Fixed rotation issues when loading saved objects - Fixed point to ground calculation (key R) - Added select/rotate/move multiple objects option (key Space) - Added freeze/unfreeze/dynamic for multiple objects - Added "filter" console command to search all models - Export both IPL and WPL version 0.12 - REL - Added mass placement option - Added placement min distance settings - Fixed player freeze state when console is open - Fixed issue when exporting certain rotation values - Fixed several issues with root folder - Precise place to ground object rotation - Camera movement is available without creating objects - Added placement search option (search inside wpl files) - Added INI configuration version 0.11 - REL - Selected object will be shown in color depending on its physics state - Fixed bug when importing models with PIVOT set to center - Fixed default collision state of created objects - default: STATIC - Fixed selection checkpoint size - Added root folder option - Fixed bug when current model doesn't spawn after importng objects - Fixed issue with place to ground function version 0.1 - REL - First public release
CREDITS: - Developed by iriedreadlock23 - IPL/WPL/XPL/CPL researched by fastman92 Thanks to,,
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