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VC Utility Tool
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Author: gtafan2u No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 06 Dec 2015
Last Updated: 06 Dec 2015
Views: 6461
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4 (1 votes)
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VC Utility Tool
Made by me gtafan2u
Current Version- 1.0

Description- This is a special utility tool made for Vice City. It Features the below things->

1-Co-ordinates Reader
=Let`s you to read the in-game player position co-ordinates. Also supports X16 feature for path making & Listing. With hotkey function.

2-Gravity Editor
=Let`s you to both read and write the gravity in-game. The bigger the number the more the gravity and the less the number the less the gravity.

3-Draw Distance Editor
=Let`s you to both read and write the draw-distance in-game. It is useful for map mods that disappears when going far from it. Always increasing the readed value is suggested.

4-Water Waves Editor
=Let`s you to both read and write the water waves data using a single float. The bigger the number the bigger the waves the smaller the number the smaller the waves.

5-Player Money Editor
=Let`s you to both read and write the money values. Now you can get as much as money you want.

6-Widescreen Toggler
=Let`s you to on the widescreen feature. Best for the laptops but will look hell in pcs(according to me). Also turns on the frame limiter when toogling it to avoid moving oceans.

7-Hud Toggler
=Let`s you to manage the hud to show/hide in-game. Best for using while taking screenshots.

8-Square Radar
=Let`s you to change the radar shape from circle to square.

9-Audio Clarity Editor
=Let`s you to edit the clarity/quality of the audio in-game. It is not the volume but the special effects and clarity. To test set it 100 and take few kicks in air. Also let`s you to both read and write the values.

10-Water Level Editor
=Let`s you to edit the level of the water in-game. You can both read and write the values. Now no need to exit game and start again for applying a new value by editing water.dat.

11-Accident Chances Editor
=Read a post in gtaforums saying aggresive drivers are annoying in game. So, added this feature too. Let`s you to edit the chances of aggresive drivers colliding with you. You can both read and write the values.

12-Ped 'n' Vechile Size Editor
=Let`s you to edit the size of the peds and vechiles in-game. Very funny thing. You can create the peds as giants or as small beings. You can both read and write the values.

13-Game Speed Editor
=Let`s you to edit the speed of the game. Unlike the cheats it only affects the game not the scripts. You can both read and write the values.

14-Current Time Editor
=Let`s you to read and write the current time ingame. Weather also changes accordingly.

15-Maximum Altitude Editor
=Let`s you to both read and write the max altitude height ingame. Set it a large number and you can fly planes/helis upto an unlimited height.

How To Use-
While running Vice City use this tool to do the required changes. Suggested to first read the value then write the value to know what value the game is using at default. As simple as that!

As this is a utility program so, you are free to share this tool without my any kind of permissions. But don`t do any changes to this tool. You can also share this program without this read me too.

Made by gtafan2u.
Email- [email protected]
 [email protected]
Klager commented over 4 years ago:
Huh needed to fix it i when scanning with 360 total security founding a virus from this file please fix it Also program widescreen option when selecting the game menu display settings entering the game crashing of the game. :D :sigh:
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