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Universal Data Editor
Multi-Platform Data Editor
Information Files
Author: gtafan2u No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 29 Jun 2015
Last Updated: 09 Aug 2015
Views: 10386
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (4 votes)
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Universal Data Editor
Current version of release-> 2.0

Description- Universal Data Editor is a tool designed to open, view & edit all the GTA Vice City and GTA III data files. This tool let`s you edit many important data files of vice city / gtaIII in a single click. With this you can edit all the data files through a single platform finishing the need to open and search the data files manually.

Version 2.0 features->
=>Gta_vc.dat file function replaced with gta_(vc/3).dat function. Now this button too works for both gta vc and 3.
=>All Active Files function added. Now you can select a file from a list containing all the active data files of the game.
=>Made the working area bigger.
=>Fixed all the bugs of the previous version.
=>Now works with any version of GTA Vice City and III.
=>Total modifications of GTA Vice City and III now supported too.

Version 1.0 features->
=>Editing of the following files supported->
1- Handling.CFG
2- Pedstats.DAT
3- Gta_vc.DAT(only supported for gta_vc)
4- Default.DAT
5- Weapon.DAT
6- Any other .IPL/.IDE/.DAT/.CFG/.TXT/.SC/.ZON file
=>While editing one file this tool gives you the capability to suddenly open another file without any problems.
=>No need to make any backup before editing any file through this tool.
=>Automatically searches and opens the supported files (1 to 5).
=>One click file open and save function.
=>Word warp disabled for efficient data file editing.

Made by gtafan2u.
Email- [email protected]
 [email protected]
gtafan2u commented over 4 years ago:
Yes, it is a text editor. But to open any file using it you just need to press a button whereas for notepad you have open that file directory, right click it and then click open using notepad.
thehambone commented over 4 years ago:
This is literally just a text editor; I can do the same thing in Notepad.
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