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GTA Vatican City
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Information Files
Author: gtafan2u
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 13 Mar 2015
Last Updated: 16 Jul 2015
Views: 27298
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.66667 (3 votes)
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Added features->

-A new boxing ring along with a boxing mission added to the game where you can test your fighting skill.

-Big botanical (flower) gardens added throughout all the islands.

-Access to the roof of many buildings containing helicopters through out all the islands added as a teleporter feature.

-A new bike stunt park added where you can test your driving skills.

-A new parkour (free run) park added (You can download the parkour cleo mod to get the best experience of it).

-A new skating park where you can thrill your skating maddness (You can download the gta vc skateboarder mod to get the best experience of it) .

-A new spherical death wall where you can fell your anderline rush with a bike like PCJ600.

-New tree houses in vatican city that gives this total modification a unique touch.

-New spherical rally track for doing races or rally.

-One of the seven wonders Taj Mahal now in Vatican City.

-A new hill climbing track for an offroad experience.

-Added interiour for the vercetti mansion that looks like the one in the original game.

-More 2 brand new big islands added to the map containing new roads, buildings, trees, garden and much more new things.

-Added new maps, menus and huds.

-A skin pack added containing 6 skins for tommy (can use any of the skins in the options-player skins menu).

-Made this mod fully auto-installable i.e. no need to download any other tool for installing this mod that makes you able to play this total modification soon after downloading it.

-Fixed some of the path bugs of peds, vechiles and boats.

-Some minor bugs of the previous version 1.0 fixed.

-Whole new map with more than 30 islands. 2 private island(no ped or vechile will go there), 10 normal islands, 1 oil rig island, and others are mini islands with light houses.

-New docks(2 docks are there) with drivable boats and yatchs.

-New vechiles, plane, helicopter & boats spawning points.

-New airport for the jumbo planes.

-Environment full of greenery.

-New roads, jungle, crew ship, helipads, army camp, aeroplanes, bridges, oil rigs, light houses, radar islands, stadium, bridge like gta3, mighty oil crue ship new models, textures etc.

-Bedrocks removed from the ocean that causes difficulty for driving boats.

-Added stuff such as- capability of saving anywhere, location bookmark, Money of $2000000 in a key press, Tent house creation capability, Capability of creating your own army of cops, Fully invincible, own punch blast, swimming like san andreas and much more (see the cleo instructions file to know the usages).

-Infinite car & boat flying time when the following cheats applied- COMEFLYWITHME(for cars) & AIRSHIP(for boats) i.e. you can fly the cars and boats like a plane.

- Vechiles speedometere. Now when you enter any vechile you can see a speedometere on the screen showing the speed of the vechile.

- New radar that looks like one in the I.G.I game but with difft. colours.

- A total of 15 hidden packages throughout the cities waiting to be found and $100 for each pickup.
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