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Raiel's Starter Save
Information Files
Author: Raiel
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 08 Feb 2015
Last Updated: 10 Feb 2015
Views: 6957
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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A Starter Save made by me

List of finished achievements :
100 tags sprayed
50 Snapshots
50 Horseshoes
50 Oysters

Stats :
Muscle 30%
Stamina 25%
Fat 30-40% (Dates with girlfriends)
Full Health, 150 Armor
Lung Capacity maxed out (50 Oysters)
CJ has Venturas Tattoo-es
Gambling Skill maxed out (I played some casino games while hanging around LV after finished finding 50 Horseshoes)
Driving Skill maxed out (in order to finished 8-track, of course)
Cycling Skill maxed out
Bike Skill maxed out

8-track, Blood Bowl, Kickstart, Dirt Track done
NRG-500, BMX, Chilliad Challenge finished

LV Burger Shot, SF Hippy Shopper, LS Roboi's Food Mart Courier done

Side Missions :
Taxi (Nitrous and Bouncing Hydralics)
Vigilante (150 Armor)
Firefighter (Fireproof)
Paramedic (Maximum HP)
Pimping (Prostitutes will pay you)
Burglary (Infinite Sprint)

All LS Safehouses bought
Garages :
Johnson's House : Bullet
El Corona : Bullet, Jester, NRG 500, Phoenix
Santa Maria Beach : Bullet
Mulholland : NRG 500, Hotring
*Bullets from LV, NRGs from NRG Challenge and the Jester from SF, Hotring from the LS Stadium

Girlfriends :
Katie 100% (Free charge of Hospitals + Medic Suit)
Michelle 100% (Free Pay n Spray + Racing Suit)
Barbara 100% (Free charge of Police Departments + Cop Suit)

CJ has never been Busted
CJ has been Wasted once (thanks to Katie's whiny ass, I made lots of achievements and forgot to get back to LS to save. I don't want to waste the time I used to done those things over again)

P/s : I used the Los Santos International Airport trick to get into the airport and got me a Shamal, then I flew over to SF and LV Airport

Special thanks to :
zmoonchild for inspiring me with your videos
GTA Wikia for the information I used
Rockstar for created nice GTA games
someguy (I forgot his name) for providing the weapon.dat file, allowing me to dual-wield M4s, SMGs, Desert Eagles, ...
GTAGarage's Admins for letting this 'mod' available on the list
and Me for patiently doing this Starter Save

That's it, hope you enjoy my work.
Have a nice day,
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Raiel commented over 5 years ago:
I've uploaded some screenshots, still have to wait for approval
Raiel commented over 5 years ago:
Please comment on if you've found any problem with my savegame. I'll try my best to fix it
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I'll tried
Because this Starter Save has been ruined with 1 Wasted. I'm going to make another Starter Save with better stats (no wasted, busted. etc). Maybe it's gonna be available around 15th-22nd Feb)

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