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Read/write the unknown
Information Files
Author: iriedreadlock23
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 07 Jan 2015
Last Updated: 15 Feb 2016
Views: 9567
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 2.5 (0 votes)
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Program is simple. It allows you to seek and change physics and other parameters of any existing vehicle (or other entities) in game. Use hidden/unknown/forgotten vehicle parameters that never made it to Scripthook/Scripthookdotnet. Tweak multiple cars at the same time in real time, and make new variations of any car model. Because each vehicle instance has unique memory address in game, you can have cars of same model with different wheels, physics, engine power, without editing game files. It works great with modded or plain handling.dat, and script will not write any data to your hdd! This script was made from scratch. Special thanks to HazardX and IV:MP crew.

v1.2 update /
- Read/write CModelInfo structure
- Possiblity to apply handling of any car to another model
- Added 50+ new memory addresses

In these examples you will see some of the possibilities, such as improving your car acceleration, changing engine volume and changing gears (yes, manual gearbox is finally possible). You can now read/write params of collided/damaged entities (peds, cars, dynamic objects, trees... ), and do more interesting hacks in your GTA game. In order to make it easier for modders to use new versions of MemBiter, example projects will now include classes (CEntity, CVehicle, CAutomobile, CModelInfo, etc... ). Example #4 - Manual gearbox ! Example #3 - Collision params Example #2 - Indicator Lights Example #1 - Basic car modding Download all files
What it can do?
Read and write GTA IV vehicle parameters directly from At the moment, you can edit vehicles without leaving your game. Change position, size, suspension of any of your wheels (each wheel individually), tweak lights, engine, and much more. Pimp your ride, or find its limits! And its not all. New update will enable you check who/what damaged your vehicle and who/what collided with it recently, change volume of your engine and mess with new RPM parameters.
To have Infernus from example video Download Example #1, build Press Insert to spawn modded car Enjoy
Pimpin'! Hit the road! Easy does it
How to use it?
You just need to reference MemBiter.dll in your Visual Studio project, and you can start hacking! With few simple functions, and a valid Vehicle handle, you are good to go. Tell MemBiter where to search, and when it finds something, be a hero, change some values! There are many undiscovered offsets, so its up to you to explore your game beyond limits, and share your findings with the community. There will be more precise description, and list of offsets. If you are editing car by handle and you use any other version other than EFLC, make sure to set correct address of vehicle pool. You can also avoid this, if you edit data by address. Example: Read/write Headlights intensity MemBiter.Functions.GetVehicleFloat(4912, CarHandle) MemBiter.Functions.SetVehicleFloat(4912, CarHandle, SomeValue) or MemBiter.Functions.GetFloat(4912, carAddress) MemBiter.Functions.SetFloat(4912, carAddress, SomeValue) Click here for offsets
Read before you use
Your game might freeze, malfunction or crash at untested memory offsets, so author can't take responsibility for any malfunctions. It works great with all EFLC cars, while certain car models, bikes, helicopters and boats might have different offsets. Always credit the author of mod, solution or hack that you intend to use in your projects. When you use MemBiter in your mods/videos, make sure to put link to this webpage. DON'T use this tool to make mods for $$$$! Don't re-upload with ads! If you are OK with this you will also need: Included files: MemBiter.dll Example #1: Tuning Infernus Example #2: Indicator lights EFLC SCRIPTHOOK 0.5.1 SCRIPTHOOKDOTNET VISUAL STUDIO @ MEM BITER iriedreadlock23
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Update 1.1
There are plenty of news included in update. Most important are new offsets that enable you to find out more about collision and damage. Now you can find out what your car is colliding and what damaged it, but also you can read/write multiple parameters related to engine sound, RPM, gear switching, etc. There is also new feature, that enables you to read/write parameters for other entities as well (peds/objects... ).

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