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Cockpit Camera For TBoGT Cars
It'll make your game feel more immersive
Information Files
Author: fefenc
Works with: GTA IV 
Status: Complete
Started on: 01 Oct 2014
Last Updated: 02 Oct 2014
Views: 5272
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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Hello GTAGarage

Here I am with my first GTA modification that I've spent some days working and testing it, so nothing will go wrong at the release.

I present to you the cockpit camera for all GTA TBoGT vehicles, it's nothing too fancy because I've only changed the FPC (First Person Camera) positions of the cars, so they'll be located inside of the TBoGT vehicles instead of being located in front of them, with some exceptions like the APC, that the camera will be located on the cannon.

Mod History

I was looking for a mod like this for TBoGT on the internet for awhile, but I could only find for GTA IV, and what I've found for TBoGT was a full first person mode, but I just wanted the cockpit vision in the cars and I've started to get frustrated of searching through the internet and founding anything.

Some days ago, I was roaming on GTAForums and I've found the solution for my problem, some buddy told we should modify the vehOff file to change the first person camera position of the cars, then I've decided to modify primarly only the first person camera from TBoGT cars for myself by editing the "VehOff" file inside the GTA TBoGT folder and I'm sharing with the community now.

We never forget our first modification on a game, even if it's nothing too fancy :D

Known Issues

- We can't see raindrops, bullets, missile smokes through the cars/helicopters windshields/windows, the reason to this happen is unknown for me since we can see everything through the taxi cabs windows when we're picking up a taxi ride.

- If we spawn a car while in a helicopter, some parts of our cars roofs may start to fade out according with the camera angle.

- The interiors of the TBoGT vehicles are ugly and bad texturized T_T

- It's annoying to move the Cockpit camera because R* has designed the original camera to be harsh and annoying, this means we're limited to move it slowly and for 180 degrees by the sides.

- Some ENB users may feel unconfortable when using this modification with Depth of Field activated, mainly when riding some bikes.

- Sometimes we can see Luis' mouth, eyes, and nose through his head when he's hotwiring, turning on and crashing a vehicle.


Screenshots and a little show off video at:

If you have some suggestions or constructive critics to make about the mod, leave it on the comments.

Thanks :D :D :D
Nights744 commented over 5 years ago:
Very nice! 4/5
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