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VCMP 0.4 Chat Resizer
Do you want to change the chat size in 0.4 with a key?
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Author: krasiejow
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: R1
Status: Complete
Started on: 24 Sep 2014
Last Updated: 27 Sep 2014
Views: 6713
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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Chat Resizer is ONLY for VCMP 0.4
VCMP is a multiplayer game for GTA VC. For more information visit
What's this? This mod allows you to change the chat size with a preferred key (F7 by default). Why was this made? Since 0.4 we have a colorful chat box which can be adjusted in almost every aspect. However, it is no longer possible to change the chat size with a single key just like F7 in VCMP 03.z R2. Depending on what server I am playing on, one time I'd like to have a smaller chat and another time - a bigger one. Of course I can pop up the chat console, but this can be distracting and it blocks my character. I can change the chat size in-game only by typing a very long command which is not what I exactly want to do. And so, here we are - I made a mod which does the dirty job for me. How does it work? The F7 key works as a hotkey. After you press it, the mod writes very quickly on your keyboard the mentioned before very long command to change the chat size. So quickly, you won't even notice it. But it will be visible in your chat history (T + arrow up). It allows you to change the chat size to 0-10-20-30 lines. Bugs * 0.4 doesn't allow to hide the chat box - it requires at least 5 visible lines. If you hit the 0 count, Chat resizer will set the messages to disappear after 1 second, which means that for 1 second all new messages will be visible. I can't think about a solution for this, sorry! * the mod forces the chat lines to NOT disappear if set to 10-20-30, but I think nobody will cry after this? Final note Read the included readme :D. And of course have fun with it!
sseebbyy commented over 8 years ago:
Great !
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