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GTA IV Race Maker
Create your own races in GTA IV
Information Files
Author: MsChievous
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.02
Status: Complete
Started on: 05 Aug 2014
Last Updated: 06 Aug 2014
Views: 11731
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (3 votes)
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What is this?
This mod allows you to easily create your own circuit or point-to-point races in GTA IV. You can either race against the clock or against up to 17 AI opponents. Creating your own race is as easy as placing checkpoints where you want them while driving around and starting the race. You can save races you create so you can share them, challenge friends or just to play again later. If you want to make the AI challenging you will have to do a bit more work than that, like changing the maximum speed the AI should drive from the previous checkpoint to the next one. This is also easily done from within the in-game race editor. Once a track has been made AI-friendly the opponents can even be somewhat challenging to beat.
How do I use it?
Press F8 to load the editor, then use the arrow keys and the enter key. You can instantly close the menu again by pressing F8, doing so will not prompt you to save any changes made to the race! If you're in the middle of a race and want to stop it, you can press F8 and the race will instantly end. F8 is the only key you'll have to remember to use this editor. If you need to move your checkpoint vertically, just hold shift while pressing up or down. If you want to make a circuit race, just give your race more than 1 lap. If you set the race to only 1 lap, it will be treated as a point-to-point race.
How do I install it?
Just extract the script folder into your GTA IV root folder. You do not need to extract the source folder unless you want to.
What kind of races can I make?
  • Circuit races. This is your typical race with multiple laps.
  • Point-to-point races. Drive from start to finish, no laps.
  • Drag races. Just include one AI in a straight point-to-point race.
  • Boat races. Any of the above kind of races, but with boats.
  • Helicopter races. Any of the above kind of races, but with helicopters. The AI hasn't been tested with helicopters at all.
There are also a few races included with the mod from the start:
  • ap_airtug
  • Race against 5 opponents in a tiny circuit at the airport parking lot using Airtugs.
  • ap_circuit
  • Race against 17 opponents in a circuit on the road circling the airport parking lot using Comets.
  • ap_drag
  • Race against one opponent in a drag race by the airport in Futos.
  • boat_race
  • Race against 3 opponents in Squalos (boats) in a circuit. The AI isn't very fast with boats, so this race is better suited for time trial races. You can remove the AI from the menu if they bother you.
  • bridge_drag
  • Race against one opponent in a drag race using Comets.
  • illegal_delivery
  • Race against 5 opponents in a medium length point-to-point race. You start off driving through a toll station and will have the police chasing you for that, unless you stop and pay of course. The AI drives very recklessly here intentionally. You drive Pony trucks in this race. :)
You can easily modify the races to suit your own needs if they aren't to your liking. If you want to make the AI more challenging it is advisable to disable traffic entirely using a trainer, or at least reduce the amount of traffic from the game menu. Ability to disable traffic during a race will be included in a later version.
This mod requires the latest version of and a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768. The editor is moderately resource heavy, but this will not affect performance during the race.
Known bugs
Because this mod uses the arrow keys and I did not want to disable player movement completely while the editor is open, pressing the Up key will temporarily disable player movement. This causes the car to break hard every time you press up if you're driving at the same time. I'm trying to find a way of disabling the phone without disabling player movement completely. The phone can still (though very rarely) pop up. GTA has a hard limit of 50 visible checkpoints, if you place more than this you can only see them as blips on the map while editing. This is not a problem while racing, as only one is visible at a time. I'll fix this in the next release by making checkpoints invisible if they're a certain distance from the player. That should cover most cases of 50+ checkpoints.
Mod this mod
Not happy with the vehicles available in the editor by default? You can add more choices or remove ones you don't use by editing vehicles.txt in the scripts folder. Vehicle names are the same as in "handling.dat". Only a few vehicles are included by default in order to reduce cluttering. If you add helicopters to the list you can make helicopter races as well, but the AI hasn't been tested at all. This mod is open source, so the source is included with the download. If you want to change or add something and can't wait for the next update, you are free to do so!
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