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All-In-One Hud UPDATE
Information Files
Author: eliab-kulot
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 23 Jul 2014
Last Updated: 25 Oct 2014
Views: 11344
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.33333 (6 votes)
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These MODs uses CLEO 4 (up to version 1.130). Not up to version 3.16 as stated before. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I thought it will be okay to use the later version without testing the mods thoroughly.

I've tried to fix the bug (dial speedo disappearing briefly during the end of a Race Tournament) using the later version of CLEO but to no avail...

Since the first uploaded version of the MODs have been edited to suit for CLEO 4.3.16 but with bugs and I can't fix it, here's the MOD versions that works perfectly (I think) for CLEO 4.1.130.

Only the CLEO scripts have the updates.

Extract the RAR file.
Copy all extracted files to the CLEO folder of San Andreas' directory.
Of course, you should use CLEO 4.1.130.

Another correction that has been fixed was that "The "generic" mod garage is available from the start" as stated before was not the original game sequence. It should only be available, same as the "low rider" mod garage, after the "Cesar Vialpando" mission. Although the original "low rider" mod garage is available already during the "Cesar Vialpando" mission.
eliab-kulot commented over 2 years ago:
Thanks for the nice comments. I'm planning to upgrade the SPEEDO & create new CLEO mods. What particular upgrade would you want, If I may ask?
X-Falcon commented over 2 years ago:
Did you wanna release next version, sir... ? because this HUD is so cool , the first one i see on 2014. the classic shape makes me still feel in SA Style :)
eliab-kulot commented over 3 years ago:
Temporary download link:
eliab-kulot commented over 3 years ago:
Hello again, Roald! I was thinking about our discussion. You are right about changing the SA script default of 250 to 0 car health where it started to burn & eventually will explode after a few seconds (game time). So I seconded my thoughts of revising it. It's already done but wait until I fix the bug of "1speed.cs" that disappear during the school's missions when using it without the "1hud.cs" script. And also it will have a different MOD name (Speedo & Hud).
Roald_Amundsen commented over 3 years ago:
Unfortunately I do not know how to do it, so asked if this is possible to do. Thanks for the answer. If you are not hard to make these changes, I will be eternally grateful.
eliab-kulot commented over 3 years ago:
If you are saying that if it is possible to change the car health indicator HUD from 250 to 0 during which the car started to burn, I think it's possible. But I will not change that. You are free to edit them. Hmm, that's why you are asking for the area in the script where it can be found? I hope my thinking is right... Anyway, the "1speed.cs" script was made & compiled using Sanny Builder with descriptions & comments saved in it. When you open the file ("1speed.cs";) in Sanny Builder, select "Yes" to Confirm you want to use the original source code. The car health script is labelled "DIAL_H". It has approximately 160 lines so browsing & understanding is not that difficult. Because it was made (the whole script) by a beginner like me, so the script routine shows elementary in structure. Good day & good luck!
Roald_Amundsen commented over 3 years ago:
Sorry for the perseverance, whether it is possible to set a 250 HP as 0HP? That car started to burn at 0 HP.
eliab-kulot commented over 3 years ago:
Thank you again for your kind comments, Roald. Enjoy SA gaming...
Roald_Amundsen commented over 3 years ago:
Okay, thank you very much for the explanation. I'll try to get used to it. I have a set 1hud.css the script. And I love this script! You have a very good modification.
eliab-kulot commented over 3 years ago:
Sorry, the default car health when not on a mission is 100...
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