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Alpha/Beta FBI Car converted INGAME!
Information Files
Author: georgon
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 2.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 16 Jul 2014
Last Updated: 18 Jan 2015
Views: 19013
Type: Conversion
Rating: 3 (2 votes)
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This modification replaces regular FBI Rancher in GTA: San Andreas with restored and fully working FBI Car from early BETA version of the game.

Also, I know, and probably many of us know, that most probably that wasn't supposed to be used as FBI Car. IMHO it was supposed to be something like an undercovered cruiser patroling all of the San Andreas, but.. I have no idea how to do something like that or how to make it work, so replacing FBI Rancher is just a temporary solution. I'll try to find out how to make it and I'll keep you updated.

- Original reflections, wheels and more - Customizable primary color - Improved handling - 100% working custom damage model - Fully working headlights & tailights
How to install:
1) Extract downloaded files 2) Replace 'fbiranch.dff' and 'fbiranch.txd' with the files of the same name in gta3.img archive in /models/ folder. You can do that by using your favourite tool (GGMM, G-IMG, IMGTool..) 3) In /data/handling.cfg replace the 'FBIRANCH' line with the new one: FBIRANCH 1600.0 4500.0 2.0 0.0 0.3 -0.1 75 0.75 0.85 0.50 5 200.0 25.0 10.0 R P 10.0 0.53 0 35.0 1.0 0.12 0.0 0.28 -0.12 0.55 0.0 0.2 0.24 25000 40000000 10200008 4) In /data/vehicles.ide replace the '490, fbiranch' line with the new one: 490, fbiranch, fbiranch, car, FBIRANCH, FBIRANC, null, ignore, 10, 0, 0, -1, 0.7, 0.7, -1 5) In /data/carcols.ide replace the 'fbiranch' like with the new one: fbiranch, 0, 0, 1, 1 5) Steps 3 and 4 are really, really necessary. 6) After doing all of this, ENJOY!
Known bugs:
Bugs? What? Maybe siren light position.
This modification belongs to me GEORGON (GEORGOON, GEORGO[O]N, GEOUSEK) and nobody else. This modification was uploaded to and will not be uploaded to any other site WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Do not re-release or edit this mod without my knowledge and/or permission
perkybull51 commented 0 months ago:
Please fix the siren position for the beta fbi car, will ya?
georgon commented over 3 years ago:
most likely it is, although I've used original chassis of so-called FBI Car, will take a look at shadows later
Aztecas_5 commented over 3 years ago:
the shadow is still the one from the lvpd
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