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The Last Life
Zombie Survivors Mission.
Information Files
Author: aFro(Guy)
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v2.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 06 Jun 2014
Last Updated: 20 Sep 2014
Views: 3744
Type: Conversion
Rating: 2.5 (0 votes)
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This is my second mission i made with DYOM.

About Mission.

 01(a part of other mission but the skin is cool)
 01 just got back from his place after infected start to infected the whole world now its up to him to go to save the world from the infected. THE LAST LIFE!

About Actor.

 Agent 01(still cool) = After a good night sleep he wake up at the morning and knew something happen so he is going to save the world(Main Character)

 Police (Nothing special)= After they've been attacked by the ultimate zombie only one survive at that night a police been lefted alone and saved by 01.

 Agent 02 (Cool Fly) = When 02 knew something will happen he goes to the naval station to find 01 but no luckily he brought 03 with him so they are safe.After that 01 found 02 and 03 after saving the police guy.

 Agent 03 (Same Cool ) = When 02 leave the house 03 go with em to naval station as they were contacted.

How to play?

1. First you will need the dead walk skins the readme file is inside the dead walk skins.. if you want to play the dead walk mission the Part 11 file and use the instruction at this read me file.

2. Open the DYOM file and copy the dsl and the mpack file to gta sa user file after that put your DYOM file in gta sa user file.

3. Open Gta sa.exe and play new game after that choose design your own mission after loading press "Y" then press space on mission menu the press space again at load mission after that choose The Last Life Part 1.

If there any bad things tell me and i will improve it.

Please download it and ask me anything you want.

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