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Stories Map Converter
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Author: MAJEST1C_R3
Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.2
Status: Complete
Started on: 15 Apr 2014
Last Updated: 27 Jun 2014
Views: 22852
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.5 (16 votes)
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This tool provides you the complete map from GTA Liberty City Stories (PS2/PSP) and GTA Vice City Stories (PS2/PSP), and gives you the freedom of converting it to any of the 3D Era GTA Games with a ton of options.

v1.2 Features:
  1. Option has been added for automated building of an IMG archive for the converted files.
  2. Mip-map support has been added for Vice City Textures
  3. Tool has been added for converting a full collision map of the converted city.
  4. Support added for using ZON files when converting.
*See "Usage" for some in-depth explanations on using these features Bugfixes:
  1. Missing spheres have been fixed, which would occur when converted with the COL2 to COL converter tool.
  2. Fixed the alpha bugs caused by translucent/trasparent textures in VC and III.
  3. Fixed the "not responding" bug which occurs while converting a city.
  1. Some code cleanups and improvements.
  2. Added Status string.
  1. Fixed MaterialSplit bug which caused KeD to crash while loading, also fixed several crashes on Vice City(due to few bugged models).
  2. Added additional formatting for floats in IPL.
  3. Added COL2 to COL converter with LCS and VCS support (you can find it in the "Tools" menu).
1) Browse LVZ file. (make sure the IMG file also exists in same directory with LVZ) 2) Specify the version of your LVZ correctly. 3) Specify target game version. (San Andreas supports additional advanced options like night vertex colors for models and mip-maps for textures) 4) Specify TXD building output or disable TXD building all together. 5) If you want the tool to build IDE and IPL for converted models - check the checkbox "Generate IDE/IPL". Change/Modify these additional options for IDE/IPL as you wish:
  • ID Offset: Set the number from which the tool start to count and write model IDs into IDE (this is needed to avoid IDs matching between models)
  • Global map offset (XYZ): Set the values which will be used to place the map with original map coordinates - this allows you to move map in any directions from the original position and will be useful if you want, for example, add few maps into San Andreas.
If you click the "Advanced" button - you'll be able to select a MAP.ZON file which can be attached to conversion process. In a active/opened window check "Use ZON" and browse for the needed MAP.ZON file. Select the Island ID, this will allow all the objects which are located inside of the zones of the selected island to be converted. Others will be removed/discarded. 6) Set these advanced options as you wish:
  • Model prefix, texture prefix: by default all models and textures have prefixes same as name of the loaded LVZ file, for example a model from INDUST.LVZ will be converted as "indust82.dff" and the textures as "indust213". So if you want your models to be named "qwerty82.dff" set the prefix for your models to "qwerty". Do this with the textures also.
  • Generate blank collision file: Blank col file is only needed for testing your map. You can put the DFFs and TXDs into your IMG, then write the generated IPL/IDE/blank col files into your DAT, after that, your game will work.
  • Generate mip-maps(SA/VC): Generate mip maps for textures when using San Andreas or Vice City as your game version. You can set minimal texture resolution for generating mip-maps by clicking the "Options" button. Notice: for VC you'll need to use an ASI plugin to make the mip-maps present in-game.
  • Generate night prelight (SA): Generate night vertex colors for models when using San Andreas as your game version. You can adjust minimal prelight lightness by day and night in the options dialog box by clicking the "Options" button.
  • Optimise mesh: enables mesh optimisation procedures for models which reduce models byte size and increase game performance by welding vertices and discarding isolated vertices. This procedure slows down conversion speed (especially VCS maps). This recommended to use for your "final" map conversions.
  • Build IMG archive: enables automated building of the IMG archive for converted files. Pay attention: if target version is San Andreas - blank collision file will be automatically placed into the IMG archive.
Tools overview:
VC backface culling patcher This patcher is needed to make all polygons of all models viewable from both sides since few models have some issues with face orientation (these models have had originally broken face order in triangle strip). COL2 to COL converter Collision map converter This tool is needed to convert the entire collision map from LCS PS2/PSP and VCS PS2/PSP into a PC format. Usage: 1. Browse GAME.DTZ file 2. Browse IMG archive (GTA3PS2.IMG for LCS PS2 and VCS PS2, GTA3PSPHR.IMG for LCS PSP or GTA3PSP.IMG for VCS PSP) 3. Browse blank DFF placeholder file (basically this is only needed for SA, you may skip this procedure for III and VC) 4. Choose your GAME.DTZ version correctly in the "Game version" group box 5. Select the output game version 6. Check the checkboxes for needed sections of collision maps to export (Buildings - static objects, Dynamic objs - generic objects like lampposts and other movable/breakable stuff, Treadables - collisions of roads, available only for LCS) 7. Set the IDE/IPL generating settings Notes: 1. If you have selected a blank DFF file - the tool automatically builds an IMG archive for those blank models. 2. If the target version is SA and the DFF is selected - the COL files will be automatically be placed into an IMG archive.
Notes and known issues:
1. If you have decided to put the map into VC you should patch the .exe to disable backface culling for polygons (The patcher is included, click the "Tools" button) to make polygons viewable from both sides like in GTA3 (for GTA SA the tool will automatically set the IDE flag to disable it). 2. If you run the game and see LODs everywhere, don't be surprised - it's normal. Check some manuals to figure out how LODs work, and how they are placed - this should be fixed by hand.
Special thanks:
_DK for giving me necessary memory addresses for creating backface culling patcher for VC Johnny_D for translating this ReadMe into proper English and for the logo. :)
Nathan DYOM commented over 6 years ago:
Hey man, please send me a PM in GTA Forums, with the guide to convert a map, please!!
TamimMahmud commented over 6 years ago:
Hiw can I get an LVZ file
Hitmare commented over 7 years ago:
Works it with GTA IV? I have very big plans for this :D
guard3 commented over 7 years ago:
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