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Broken Soul Angel
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Author: xbxy
Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 18 Mar 2014
Last Updated: 21 Mar 2014
Views: 9576
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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Sorry, my English is not good, can only translate mod released by Google

This cleo need to install the patch HD firelight
Otherwise, the effect is not very good
File is too large, can not upload here.

PC Gta-sa

Installation: After installing cleo Cleo main folder into the game directory replaced.
models folder files are particles file, you can replace or not to replace, but the impact particle effects.

Enter the cheat code to open the game "SHTS"

The key to move the lens up (W / Advance)
Down key to move down the lens (S / Retreat)
Button to the left to move the lens (A / Left to go)
Right right to move the lens (D / Right away)

Reduce the Q key on the lens or the mouse wheel
E keys or the mouse wheel under elevated Lens / / unlimited height
Move the process of lifting the lens can hold down the Shift key to three times faster

1, Mana Burn
Center of the screen will appear the flame, moving it closer to pedestrians or vehicles, pedestrians will die (not burned), vehicle will explode
Fire can enter the water, but can not penetrate buildings
Mana Burn state under attack button can be released by explosion

2, Soul bomb
Under the state of the soul bomb attack button to launch unlimited bullets

3, Fatal blow
Under a fatal blow to the ground state, press the attack button to throw a missile hit the ground touch the water will explode
You can move the lens when lifting the missile launch, but you can not continuously transmit multiple missile
When the missile did not explode Press the spacebar to manually detonate

Default skills Mana Burn
Spacebar to switch skills

Press the TAB key to random brush pedestrian on the ground / / subsequent versions may join brush truck
Press the backspace key to close the broken Soul Angel

Mana Burn fireball only appear in the top of the building, such as under bridges inaccessible

Subsequent versions will add other features



PC Gta-vc
Nearing completion..

PC Gta-lc
Nearing completion..

PC Gta-sa
Nearing completion..

Android Gta-sa
Nearing completion..

Android Gta-sa
Nearing completion..

Android Gta-sa
Nearing completion..

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