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Driver Mod
pay 'n drive anywhere on the map!
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Author: bloodhomie21
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.7 BETA
Status: Complete
Started on: 25 Jan 2014
Last Updated: 25 Jan 2014
Views: 7511
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4 (1 votes)
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With this mod you don't need to drive anywhere yourself, just call your driver and he'll drive anywhere on the map (unless the place is locked or is on water!). Install this mod (read 'readme.txt' for instructions), press and hold SHIFT and then press D, Wait for a few minutes and a driver will come to pick you up. Place a target-marker and then Go near the car's side window and just wait till you reach your destination, $500 will be charged. As this mod is still in BETA, read the Warnings(readme.txt-NOTE section) to avoid bugs. And I suggest you not to use the IN-CAR cam till a stable version is released.

This mod is still in BETA(Read Version-history.txt for changes), so don't depend on it and do not use it as a taxi to go anywhere on the map. The driver will take you to any place unless its locked or its on water!. Don't place the marker too far away or the driver will keep crashing until his car explodes! . If you're too far away (1000 sq.m, perhaps)from GroveStreet the driver will not spawn until you get closer to GroveStreet. This mod MAY CONTAIN BUGS(listed below) and this can CRASH your game (but it'll not cause any damage to your game or your savegame as it has nothing to do with saves), so be careful while using this mod (especially when using the IN-CAR cam).

I'll NOT be RESPONSIBLE for any DAMAGE caused by the use of this mod or by any bugs associated with it. There may be bugs in this mod and I'll NOT be liable to any kind of damage done to your system by the use of this mod. And I'm saying again, If you'll follow the instructions correctly (and keep in mind the warnings), I'm sure you'll not encounter any bugs.

Files and Screens will be online after approved by GTAGarage.

bloodhomie21 commented over 3 years ago:
Actually this mod started as a small tool that I wanted for testing my mods. I didn't wanted to use the JetPack because it was boring to fly it so I thought of a small CLEO-Script that would make a driver get a car to my place, and it worked. So, I thought, why not make the driver drive to the place I want to go and that's why I created this mod. I hope you'll have fun with it and I've tried my best to reduce the numerous bugs in it but I'm sure you won't encounter them if you follow my instructions. Thanks to everybody who downloaded, and don't forget to rate.
bloodhomie21 commented over 3 years ago:
@Peter_Sky123: Yeah, this mod is full of bugs but I'll update it if I have time. I'm currently working on a Trainer which I'm writing in C++ so I don't have much time now, anyways, I'm glad that you liked this mod. Look out my other mods too (they're not full of bugs though :D ).
Peter_Sky123 commented over 4 years ago:
Cool mod... but doesn't work if im in other places... please update here some cookies :cookie: :cookie:
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