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Tardis In Gta3
Tardis mod
Information Files
Author: TommyLingL
Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: all
Status: Complete
Started on: 08 Jan 2014
Last Updated: 11 Jan 2014
Views: 10511
Type: Conversion
Rating: 2.75 (4 votes)
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Time and Relative Dimension in Space
made for the 11th Doctor by Kam's script

How to install?
1.delete dodo.dff&dodo.txd in gta3.img and txd.img by imgtool
2.add new dodo.dff&dodo.txd to gta3.img by imgtool
3.replace dodo.col in vehicles.col by col editor
4.install gta3 nowheel patch(sorry, i can't provide it for you because i am not the author of it, but you still can google and find it)
5.use nowheel for dodo
6. open gta3 and go to the airport, Doctor is waiting for you!

WARNING:you must install gta3 nowheel patch and use it for dodo, or there will maybe has a wheel under the tardis...
gtagarage~checker commented over 4 years ago:
if you don't know me i'm the gtagarage~checker i'm checking and rating and commenting not like supertommy i banned him put you i won't bann you :)
gtagarage~checker commented over 4 years ago:
hmm... this mod is good you have 5 rate stars :)
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