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Loc In Da Dope
Connects to GTA SA Storyline! Kill OG Loc!
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Author: No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 21 Sep 2013
Last Updated: 21 Sep 2013
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Type: Conversion
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NOTE: To use this DYOM Mission, you need the 6.0 of DYOM!

Hello GTA Garage Users, You cannot stand or you're being annoyed by your mind, "I want more GTA SA, GTA SA 2! CJ come back! Grove 4 Life!", No more cause i've created a DYOM mission which will connect it to GTA SA Storyline, However, Due to my poor DYOM creating skills, Some parts in the mission is poorly bad created. This is my first DYOM mission to be created (First GTA SA Storyline mission not very first time to use DYOM).

The mission is not only there, I will release more missions like killing B-Dup, Gangwars and more!


CJ reintroduce himself before he enters in his house.
Inside the house, Cesar, Sweet and The Truth is talking about bunch of woods they got. CJ is talking to Sweet, then suddenly, Madd Dogg calls CJ to come to him and talk to him. CJ asks what he wants, Madd Dogg tells CJ that OG Loc is ruining his career and need to shut him down (Dead). CJ asks if he will cage him (Jokely), Madd Dogg answers it seriously and said no, He also tells CJ that he left a gun near Ryder's House, CJ left Johnson's House. CJ pickups the gun that Madd Dogg left and enters to the Buffalo. CJ then heads to East Los Santos and ask the Ballas where is OG Loc, but the Ballas didn't speak and answer to CJ rudely. CJ manage to make the Ballas speak, The Ballas Leader saids OG Loc is in Santa Maria Beach and leaving soon, CJ then heads to Santa Maria Beach and has a car chase with OG Loc with his body guard. CJ successfully kill OG Loc.

Notes during Mission:

The Buffalo is bullet proof, explosion proof, tires is indestructable before the player ride on it (Before it become objective) it is also locked to avoid the player skipping picking up the gun.

Sometimes the cutscene is bugged like if player is near in cutscene place, The player can be seen standing behind the actor (CJ) doing nothing. (Ex. You killed the Ballas near the cutscene camera)

The timer (timelimit before OG Loc leaves) is glitched, the routine path of OG Loc's Body Guard is only short or it only takes 4 minutes while the time limit is 6 minutes, So it is 2 minutes late, The routine path will stop when reached in Red County.

Gameplay Tips:

When shooting down the 3 Ballas, In order to not died, Don't exit your car after the cutscene with Ballas, Then drive forward and turn u-turn and ram them to kill them easily.

To kill OG Loc easily, Ram the vehicle many times while shooting him, Making the vehicle damaged and easily defeat him down.

Credits to the creators of DYOM and to Jake Hero

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