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GTA SA Nightmare Mode
Be prepared to face your worst nightmare!
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Author: Jonathan6506 No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.2
Status: Complete
Started on: 19 Sep 2013
Last Updated: 19 Dec 2013
Views: 21020
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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GTA San Andreas Nightmare mode by Jonathan6506

It's 2002, 10 years later after the death of Officer Tenpenny. Grove Street is currently the strongest gang in Los Santos, VLA is the second strongest gang in Los Santos and the Triads is the strongest in SF and LV. But one day, a mysterious man with unknown name came to San Andreas. He joins every enemy gang that you have been through, the Ballas, Vagos, SF Rifa, Da Nang Boys and the Mafia. He had successfully supplied all of them with big toys.

This man had created a big disaster. He tells any of the gang to control all areas. Since the enemy gangs told the man about Grove Street Families, VLA and the Triads. The man tells them to invade those gangs' territories and conquer them. Days later, gang war has begun on many places. Unfortunately, due to strong weapons that the enemy gang possess, the Grove Street Families, VLA and the Triads get weaker. Sooner later, they begin to invade the gangs' headquarters. Unfortunately, because of the strong weapons again, the enemy gangs were able to take over the territory easily. After they take over the main territory, they began to search for the gangs' leaders. Sooner later, Sweet, Cesar and Woozie is under attack. Disastrously, Sweet is killed after get shot in the head 2 times, Cesar's girlfriend, Kendl, is also shot dead, Cesar's Savanna is also destroyed. Woozie's apartment is burnt to ashes and he lost everything, but luckily, Cesar and Woozie manages to escape the attacks and save their lives.

Carl is on a world tour with Madd Dogg in that time. While hearing that Ganton is burning and Sweet is dead, he and Madd Dogg rushes to Los Santos and go see Ganton. When they arrives at Ganton, they saw that Grove Street has turned to ashes. CJ wants to check on Sweet but Madd Dogg says that he is pretty sure that Sweet is dead. After that, Madd Dogg tells CJ to evacuate himself to Madd Dogg's mansion. But then, Ballas members driving two Tahomas intercepts Madd Dogg's car and put them to a stop. Then they point guns at Madd Dogg's bodyguards and eventually CJ. Madd Dogg and his bodyguards is shot dead in sight, and CJ is kidnapped and were taken by the Ballas.

Carl is moved to a different vehicle, a Primo, in one of the out-of-town factory in Flint County. The next Ballas's plan is to dump CJ and the car in the river. Somewhere near Fern Ridge, the car is driven into the river with the Ballas have bailed out. Luckily, CJ had successfully get out from that car before the car is completely filled with water by kicking the windows. Then he walks into a nearby place, Hilltop Farm, to take a break after being kidnapped. Shortly, Woozie and Cesar arrives in Hilltop Farm with a black Previon. Then they have a meeting to discuss the big problem, and settle in this place as a hideout.

Objectives: Take all the territories taken by the enemy gangs to return things to normal.

The mission starts with a savegame, just after the meet.
Savegame details:
Location: Hilltop Farm.
- Every safehouse has one vehicle parked in its front.
- A Moonbeam and a Previon is parked on Hilltop Farm.
- Gang Wars are available (all of the areas are owned by Ballas and Vagos, you can take them over)
- You can always call GSF, VLA and MCB gang members for backup. Press TAB+1 to call VLA gang members, TAB+2 to call GSF gang members and TAB+3 to call MCB gang members (need CLEO 4)
- You can always save anywhere you want by typing 'SAVE'
- You can take a screenshot by pressing F6.
- You are given a knife, a gun with 300 ammo and a camera with infinite ammo from the start.

- For the savegame 'GTASAsf_.b', extract the file into GTA San Andreas User Files folder, then rename the _ (underscore) to a number ranging from 1 to 8. Example: GTASAsf7.b
- There are 3 CLEO scripts along with a CLEO_TEXT folder. Place it on the CLEO folder of your San Andreas directory (Need CLEO 4).
- Extract the cargrp.dat into the data folder of your San Andreas directory. Replace it with mine.

That's it, you're done...
Contact me if you found any bugs/glitches.

Update Version 1.1:
Many people found a glitch in the first version savegame that San Fierro Rifa Gangs, Da Nang Boys and the Italian Mafia keep shooting CJ everytime he enter their territories. I had uploaded a new savegame with the gang glitches fixed.

Update Version 1.2:
I had updated the new version that has all gang strength balanced (on last versions the enemies were too far powerful; have big weapons and drive expensive cars)

PS: The reduction of gang territories (as seen in this mod's News) plan has been cancelled because when I tried the savegame with some removed territories, the game crashes.
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commented over 6 years ago:
Paul and Maccer? In the story they didn't come back to San Andreas after knowing this incident (Madd Dogg don't let them come back to prevent them being killed).
commented over 6 years ago:
What about Paul And Maccer? :)
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The enemies were too powerful?
The enemies were too far powerful for you? Well, I had released Version 1.2, which I had make all the gangs balanced (balanced weapons and vehicles). Don't worry, you don't have to start over with this updated version. (The weapons were set with CLEO, not with a new savegame)

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