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Desert Airstrip Transformation
Total transformation
Information Files
Author: Slackjack
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: Final
Status: Complete
Started on: 13 Sep 2013
Last Updated: 02 Jan 2014
Views: 10592
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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This is a Verdant Meadows Airstrip total transformation mod I had made for my own personal use a long time ago, hadn't planned on releasing it until now, before moving on to GTA5. This mod was made over a course of 1-2 years of small additions and subtractions every now and then subject to lots of trials and errors. In the end I ended up with a huge airport map mod along with a bunch of CLEO mods complimenting it.

 So heres the deal, to me, almost all the map mods floating around the internet, innovative and fascinating as they are, felt incomplete no matter how large or detailed they were, incomplete in the sense the buildings or objects added by the modder would appear only if the player was hanging within a limited range from those objects or buildings which would again disappear if the player went beyond that range, this always used to bug me.

 Since I had always wanted a complete, solid, functioning and more alive desert airstrip, I started making one for myself. This mod transforms the desert airstrip into a fully fenced doubly gated commercial complex complete with the best constructs from around San Andreas together with a modern paved airstrip. The USP of this mod is that the mapped objects do not disappear even when you move far away from them(like the original objects mapped by Rockstar), in short, my mapped objects are visible if they are available within the range of your draw distance(check out the pictures).

 Initially this map mod was also supposed to include some CLEO add ons to provide a richer experience(SAM sites, rocket launcher/minigun carrying immortal gang members guarding the complex, indestructible hunter carrying deployable immortal gang members with miniguns, you could make them climb down from the hunter like the swat team from a cop maverick, mini casino in the room above the safe house, I had also added searchlights in the complex) but these cleo mods have been created by extensive modifications of other cleo mods from around the internet and I suppose I need permits to publish their modified versions but since they are so many and its been so long since I had downloaded and modified them that I simply cant remember which was originally made by whom. So just enjoy the map for now.

Contents: There is just one gate allowing entry into the whole complex, after entering which you will have to get through another gate into the main airstrip area which consists of a concrete airstrip which lights up during the night. The rest of the complex is completely fenced. Since there are a few skyscrapers inside the complex, you might hear/see planes crashing into one of them every now and then, dont worry its normal and they wont fall on top of you. Even though the whole airport area might look huge considering the numerous buildings that are there inside the complex, the area around the said complex have not been compromised and the complex has been impeccably fenced.


It cant get any easier than this:

1. Open you GTASA directory

2. Open data folder

3. Go over to the maps folder

4. There you'll find a country folder

5. Just extract and copy the files I have provided in the zipped archive and replace the ones in the country folder(Eg: D:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\maps\country)with my files

6. I have added my cleo mods to this airport. To use them, simply download the Add-ons from the download section, extract its contents and place them in your CLEO folder

EDIT: I have provided the cleo addons in the downloads section. They include: 1. Searchlights. 2. 3 invincible homies carrying miniguns and launchers 3. Indestructible Hunter carrying 4 minigun weilding invincible homies(press spacebar to deploy them). The hunter is on top of the building at the far end of the runway. 
venkateshwar Rao commented over 2 years ago:
Hey My Location Also Same D:Rockstar GamesGta San Andreas Oh Sorry!! And Your Mod Is Very Very Good I'm My Game Was Very Help Full Thanks!!.
eldogbbhed commented over 4 years ago:
Awesome map mod! But oh man, I really want that Hunter mod lol
commented over 5 years ago:
Ive uploaded the files and pictures but they are all awaiting approval, links will be available soon
commented over 5 years ago:
where's the download button?
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