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Super CJ Costume
Superhero outfit for CJ
Information Files
Author: CarlmmyJohncetti
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 11 Aug 2013
Last Updated: 11 Aug 2013
Views: 8156
Type: Conversion
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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This is just a pretty simple skin I put together to make CJ into Super CJ! The hero (or anti-hero) of San Andreas. If you like using the super power (flying etc) mods with SA, you might have wanted your CJ to look the part of a super powered hero, now he can! The outfit is made up of several skin replacements that replace the boxing shoes, black boxers underwear, black wifebeater shirt, and the Zorro mask. When you put on all those items in the game, your CJ will have on a green and purple super suit with a purple mask. You will have to buy all the clothing items from the shops first, or simply use Skin Selector mod, navigate to player clothing option and wear them quicker without paying. Recommended for use with any super powered mods that involve special powers or flight!

Installation: Use TXD Workshop or IMG Tool, go to your San Andreas/Models folder and use your program to open player.img then find and replace the boxingshoe.txd, legsblack.txd, vestblack.txd and zorro.txd files with the ones included in this package. (Recommended to backup those files first before replacing them, so you can revert back to them if you want.)

(Note: The clothing items will still have the original name in the shop/clothing selection menu)

Unite the gang territories and save San Andreas from crime and suffering! Have fun
CarlmmyJohncetti commented over 4 years ago:
I uploaded this for approval like last month or even before that and it's still not been looked at by a moderator... what the HELL? Screw this site, if you want this mod go here it's a way better site and the moderators saw and approved my submission within 24 hours. GTAgarage is dead.
CarlmmyJohncetti commented over 4 years ago:
Man... come on moderators. It's been DAYS. If you don't work quickly, at least change the "files have been uploaded and will be online shortly" message to say something like "Files have been uploaded, but the moderators don't care enough to do their job. It'll be online eventually... "
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