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Additional Weapon Spawner
more weapons, less kipper
Information Files
Author: Ss4gogeta0
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V2 Beta 3
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 09 Aug 2013
Last Updated: 18 Aug 2013
Views: 6702
Type: Conversion
Rating: 3.25 (4 votes)
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this is a mod that will spawn various new weapons across the map of san andreas... my goal is to have over 60 additional weapons that werent included in the main game...

I will also have some configured for different Total conversions...

*thanks to ryosuke for releasing the WLA source
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commented over 4 years ago:
My Game Crash In 30 Seconds
Ss4gogeta0 commented over 5 years ago: topic
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Additional Weapons for SA:LC
I am happy to say that I have just uploaded a version for GTA SA:LC Beta 7. I can confirm that it works fairly well as I have yet to have a crash with it... Also this version is different in that Instead of adding the weapons using an IMG program, I made a sepperate img file that contains all the weapons... just drag and drop the files to your main GTA folder ... Weapons Included... Stubby Shotgun (VC) Cleaver (VC) Machete (VC) Hammer (VC) Screwdriver (VC) Desert Eagle (SA) Glock 17 (LCS) M92F (VCS) Ruger (VC) M4A1 (LCS) M60 (VC) MP5K (VC) Sawn Off Pump (VCS) Uzi (VC) Nailgun (VC) Also if you want a true GTA III experience then replace the files in your GTA3.img with the folder of weapons I included. it changes a number of weapons to the default GTAIII and VC weapons and uses the Anniversary Hud by XEPOMAHT007 in which I modified a bit to make it compatible with a few weapons... Enjoy ;)

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